How To Calibrate A Thermometer?

how to calibrate a thermometer

Multiple problems may be needed to be addressed in order to calibrate a thermometer. This article sorts out the most common causes and their solutions on how to overcome these problems.

How to calibrate a thermometer for a fever

To calibrate the thermometer for the fever the best way is to use the chilled ice water. Take a port and fill it with crushed ice. Put some water into it. the water must be in such quantity that the ice started to float a bit. Once done put the thermometer in that water. Wait for ten minutes. Check the temperature on the thermometer should be around 32 degree fahrenheit. it is ready to use.

How to calibrate infrared thermometer

non contact IR thermometerBefore calibrating the infrared thermometer first you should check it for accuracy. The simplest method to check the accuracy of the IR thermometer is through the ice bath.

Please keep in mind that we are talking about the industrial thermometer which is used to check the temperature of the material during different procedures. This is not to check the temperature of the humans.

The method of the working of a non contact IR thermometer

This is the non contact method of measuring the body temperature. If it doesn’t make contact with the body then how does it measure the temperature of the body? The method is simple to do it by measuring the heat emitted by the body.

Benefits of using an IR thermometer

● It lets you mind the temperature of the areas that are otherwise really hard to reach.
● The temperature of the dangerous equipment can easily be measured. This dangerous equipment includes moving machinery and various other things.
● in the situations where we need to maintain the social distance. The IR thermometer proved a useful device to measure the temperature.
● The application is simple in fact it lets you do immediate monitoring with the fastest possible response till now.

The simplest method to do the calibration for the IR thermometer is through the ice bath. But for this first you need to prepare the ice bath for your thermometer. This is relatively an easy technique to prepare the ice bath. Take the ice and wash it for any contamination. Once you wash it be sure that all the water is removed. Now crush the ice as much as possible. Now start to add the water into the crushed ice. Steer it with the help of a straw. As the settles down make sure that 90% of the ice is in the water. 10% of the ice can remin floated on the water.

Now use an IR temperature gun to check the temperature of this ice bath. The value should be around 0.0. any value more and less than this will provide you with the error. Usually if the IR thermometer provides you with the reading of 0.06. This means that it is working well. In such a small amount it is acceptable.

If you find the problem more than this then we recommend you to hire a professional who can calibrate the IR thermometer for you.

How to calibrate a thermometer physics

According to the law of physics the thermometer can be calibrated by using two methods. Please do remember that these two methods are not only . Actually these are the most easiest ones that’s why these are most commonly used. The trick is to use the temperature of a known object in order to calibrate the thermometer. For this purpose we used the freezing and boiling temperature of water at 1 atm atmospheric pressure.

At this atmospheric pressure the first value is zero degree centigrade while the second value is 100 degree centigrade.

First place the thermometer in the freezing water and mark the thermometer for the zero degree centigrade. Now place the thermometer in the boiling water and again mark the thermometer for the temperature of the boiling water.

Now as we all know that the temperature of the freezing water is zero degree centigrade boiling water is hundred degree centigrade. Divide the distance between these two points in equal 100 divisions. This will provide you with the equal 100 marks on the thermometer.

How to calibrate a forehead thermometer 777

callibrate a thermometer

As the technology is continuously evolving new methods and techniques have been developed. The forehead thermometer is also one of them. This lets you easily measure the temperature of the suspected patient. Especially in the case of the children this is really a helpful device. Using a forehead thermometer has its own unique benefits. These benefits include

● This provides additional security. The edges of the thermometer are smooth and there is no risk of broken glass. In addition to this the traditional kilometres also have the risk of Mercury spilling.
● The utility of the forehead thermometer is tremendously improved because of ease of use. the chances that you will read the reading wrongly or you can get a wrong reading is minimised.
● The comfort level is high especially in the case of the children. as this is an unknown test device so that the children are happy to be observed with this one than with the traditional thermometers.

The process of calibration of a forehead thermometer

● Take a jar of chilled ice water.
● check the temperature of the ice to water with the help of your forehead thermometer.
● Be sure that you are not touching the surface of the water with the thermometer. Otherwise the sensor of the thermometer may get wet.
● Once wet the malfunctioning may occur
● Check for the temperature of the chilled ice water if it is around 32 degree fahrenheit. This means that your thermometer is working properly.
● In case you do not get the desired results this means that your device requires calibration.
● Look for the instructions manual. This will tell you about the reset button and the reset procedure.
● Apply the reset button to reset your device. Once reset check it again for the temperature accuracy. If it is not done this means that you may need to hire a professional for calibrating the thermometer.

How to calibrate a meat thermometer

meat thermometerTwo types of meat thermometer are available One is the dial thermometer and the other is the digital thermometer. Both have different methods to adjust. Let’s look at them one by one.

How to calibrate a digital thermometer

First we need to check for accuracy. Put it in the Ice cold chilled water. Check for the temperature it should be around 0 degree Celsius or 32 degree fahrenheit. If it is so, then this is good. If it is not checked for the reset procedure. You will find the recent procedure on the instruction manual. Reset the thermometer as indicated on the instruction manual. Once done check it again for the accuracy. If the results are accurate congratulations your device is ready to use. if you do not get the accurate results this means that you may need to calibrate the thermometer through a professional.

How to calibrate a dial thermometer

The process to calibrate a dial thermometer is different then the digital thermometer. A dial thermometer  has bolts and nuts. This can be used to adjust the reading of the thermometer. Once done properly you can use your device accurately.

But first you need to check your thermometer for the error. This can be done by using the cold ice bath method. Already explain several times in this article.

Final Words

Nearly all thermometer require calibration weather these are indoor thermometer or out door thermometer. The main issues covered in this article are How to calibrate a thermometer digital and How to calibrate a thermometer with ice. In case if you have any ambiguity left we highly recommend you to see a professional for advice.

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