Pros And Cons of Charcoal VS Gas Grill For 2021

Pros And Cons of Charcoal VS Gas Grill For 2021

Many types of grills are available in the market for cooking. Two of these types are charcoal and gas. The debate about which type of grill should be used has many dimensions. Some of these dimensions are charcoal vs gas grill health issues. While some others are related to the taste, many of the users decided to do a charcoal vs gas grill taste test. 

Taste is not the only issue here; the environment is another important concern. The point of the Charcoal vs gas grill environment also plays an important part in finding out which is better for gas grill or charcoal. All those answers are hidden and will remain hidden until or unless we do not discuss the benefits of using charcoal for cooking and the benefits of using gas for cooking.

Let’s discuss these and other points one by one

The importance of these points will be definitely high if you are purchasing the grill for the first time. Secondly, if you are going to make a switch even then the importance of this topic is tremendously high. So basically this article is for two types of people: the one who is thinking about making a shift and secondly those who are buying the grill for the first time.

Charcoal vs gas grill health issues 

The gas grill is recommended if you are concerned about health issues as a criterion for choosing the grill. In the case of charcoal grills, the production of carcinogenic substances is high. For those among you who don’t know about the carcinogens elements. These are the elements that can cause cancer in humans. In the case of charcoal, the production of heterocyclic amines (HCAs) is extremely high.

 Although in the case of gas grill the carcinogens elements are also produced their quantity is relatively less. The reason is that the flame of the gas is not as hot as the flame of the charcoal. 

So as far as the health issues are concerned the gas grill is better than the charcoal grill. 

Charcoal vs gas grill environment

Another important concern is environmental issues. Environment friendly people are continuously concerned about which method of cooking is good for the environment.

Carbon dioxide is produced as a byproduct while you are using the grill for cooking the food. In terms of carbon dioxide production, the production of carbon dioxide is extremely high in the case of charcoal cooking. In the case of a gas grill, the quantity of carbon dioxide is not as high as by using charcoal for cooking.

So if you are an environmentally friendly person and looking for the answer to which one is better for the environment then the answer is that absolutely this is the gas. The gas grill is safer for the environment as it produces less carbon dioxide in comparison to charcoal. 

Charcoal vs gas grill taste test

Traditionally, food that is made on Charcoal is considered to be more rich in taste as compared to food that is cooked on gas. But the truth is that if you can control the temperature of the gas more and less the taste will be the same. 

Although the Aroma plays an important role, the smoke of the wood chips will definitely play an important role in the Aroma and the taste of the food. No doubt that the food which is made on the wood chips has an advantage in terms of the taste. 

In the traditional environment if we try to cook with the gas grill and ensure all the conditions remain the same it may be a possibility that you will be able to get the same blend of the taste as it is made by the charcoal. 

No doubt more Precision and expertise are required to Grab the taste of the same quality from the gas. In terms of the functionality the gas is better but in turn the the taste the charcoal has an advantage and and clear advantage on the gas grill.

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Pros and cons of charcoal vs gas grill


As far as the initial price of the set up is concerned the Charcoal is clearly less expensive than the gas grill. You can even grab the charcoal setup grill that is less than $100. Although the expensive grills are also available, in terms of the availability it is less expensive to have. 


Charcoal is more easy to carry even if you can move it in small quantities. So no matter if you want the coal in larger quantities it is easily and conveniently available and you can move it easily from one place to another.

In case you have decided to use the gas grill. It is relatively expensive. If you are using it in the house you can use it through the natural gas pipeline. But if you want to use it outdoors you may need a propane tank. The propane tank may cost around or more than $20. Moreover you need to fill it again and again. Each time the fill will be around $20. So in terms of the portability the charcoal grill has a clear advantage over gas grill. 

Cooking Temperature

In the case of the charcoal the provided cooking temperature is very very high. That Charcoal is more likely to obtain 700 degree centigrade very soon. In the case of the gas grill, it is difficult to maintain temperature.

Food Flavour

In terms of the flavour of the cooked food the food that is cooked on the Charcoal is more greater in comparison to the food that is cooked on the gas. This is due to the Aroma of the chopped wood.

Environmental Friendly

In terms of Environment protection the charcoal is more dangerous than the gas. Charcoal produces more carbon dioxide in comparison to gasoline. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gas grills are easier to maintain and clean. Charcoal produces more mess and this is more difficult to clean the grills.

Legal Conditions

Outdoor grilling may not be legal in your area of living. So before throwing a party or planning a picnic or gathering, always check with the authorities if this is legal in your part of the world or not. 

Health Concern

The food cooked on the gas grill is considered to be more healthy than the food that is cooked on the coal. 

Which is better gas grill or charcoal

It is really very difficult to find out the ultimate winner between these two. The reason is some advantages are clearly provided by the charcoal grill. While others are currently provided by the gas grill. So it depends on your preferences which grill you will choose. 

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