Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2021

Developing a fever is our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t quite right. Usually associated with the onset of either a virus or bacteria. The body responds by raising our core temperature. In order to make it harder for the invading agent to survive. Although, the fever isn’t actually the root cause of the illness. Rather a symptom, it is still very important to not only know if you have a fever. But to know how high it has become. An excellent way to accomplish this is with a Medical infrared thermometer. Learn more below with our best medical thermometer reviews.

Our Top 10 Infrared Medical Thermometers

1. iProven DMT-489 Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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The simplistic design of the iProven DMT-489, lets you enjoy the basic features of an infrared thermometer. Without all of the bells and whistles of more expensive brands. Easy to use and lightweight. This dual functioning medical thermometer lets you monitor both the forehead and eardrum. With a quick response time, of less than a second. It comes with an alarm to signal the presence of a fever. Also registers your last 20 readings for comparisons sake.
But for all this infrared thermometer has to offer, there are a couple of drawbacks. For example, it lacks a mode for checking “room” or “surface” temperatures. Which some people appreciate and even deem necessary. Another problem is that the tip doesn’t automatically warm up. A feature that some like to use to add a bit of comfort during the reading. Especially for a small child. Lastly, is that the voice recording is very loud. Although it describes in the manual how to silence the voice, it’s easy to miss. Plus there are no instructions on the side of the thermometer to tell you how to do it.
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  • Offers a quick read-out within about a second
  • Comes with forehead and ear capabilities
  • Only has two buttons: one for forehead and one for eardrum
  • Very easy to use
  • Does not need to warm up the tip or the unit itself, before it can be used
  • Large screen is easy to read and discern
  • Changes colors according to severity of fever
  • Logs your last 20 readings for reference
  • Can give inconsistent readings from ear to ear and from taking multiple temperatures
  • Recorded voice is too loud

2. Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT6500 Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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If one of the requirements of owning an infrared thermometer is that it must have a pre-warmed tip. Then you’ll want to consider the leader in this category. The Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT 6500. This feature alone helps make this infrared thermometer much more accurate than comparable models that don’t. Since people are likely to use the same filter multiple times in order to save money. The ThermoScan5 has a warning indicator, that alerts you when it’s time to change to a new filter.

But besides offering better accuracy in measurements through their ExacTemp technology. It also offers a unique guidance system. This positioning system also helps improve reading accuracy even more than their previous model.

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Braun Thermoscan 5 Accuracy

Despite the impressive accuracy of the Braun ThermoScan 5, there are a few concerns that are worth noting. One is that it lacks the capability of taking forehead readings. Which makes it quite difficult to take a temperature reading without disturbing the patient. Second, is that it only records the last reading. So tracking over a period of time is harder and must be done manually. Third, is that the display doesn’t light up. Forcing you to leave a dark room before you not only verify what the temperature is but ensure that it was taken correctly.

Lastly, it would be nice if this model gave a color guidance on temperature readings. To take the guesswork out of when a temperature crosses the line from being a warning. To being something much more serious. Either way, results are given within just a few seconds. Which is still slightly longer than some other models. But not necessarily enough of a difference to matter.

  • Known for its high level of accuracy
  • Ear positioning system beeps and has a light for better accuracy
  • Includes 20 additional lens filters to avoid cross-contamination and to ensure a clear pathway to the eardrum
  • No forehead reading option
  • Only logs your last reading so you aren’t able to track over long periods of time
  • Back screen does not light up which makes it difficult to read if you’re keeping the light off for the sake of the patient
  • No color guidance on temperature readings
  • Since this model requires the use of lens filters you are consistently forced to buy new ones

3. QQcute Digital Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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This is a standard digital infrared thermometer that is comparable to the Braun. With the added exception of having a forehead option. This infrared thermometer has a quick response time of less than a second. Regardless of whether you are checking ear or forehead temperatures. Also considered to be more accurate than some other comparable models. With a few interesting additional features.
When the QQcute senses a fever it alerts you by switching the backlight to red and giving off 10 short beeps. It’s basic design of only two buttons. Makes it easy to understand how to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and makes it easy to use.

  • Large backlit screen is easy to read
  • Gives reading in 1 second
  • Turns itself off after 30 seconds of nonuse to conserve battery life
  • Fever alarm changes to red backlight and beeps 10 times to alert you of possible fever
  • Has non-contact capability
  • May not be quite as accurate as other models that have a pre-heated tip

4. Innovo Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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Even though this is the 2017 model, it’s still meant to be included as one of the standard 2 in 1 medical digital thermometers that check both forehead and ear temperatures. But don’t let the fact that it’s last year’s model dissuade you from considering it since it has been upgraded for better accuracy.

It has an AccuSense Sensor and reflective finish that identifies infrared in the environment and reflects it away so as not to interfere with an accurate reading. As a safety precaution, this medical thermometer automatically alerts you when a temperature rises above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has the standard 20 reading history of some other models and changes color to denote a fever.

One thing you have to be mindful of is that the temperature sensor is extremely sensitive. This means that you have to make sure you clean it before each use, even if it gives the appearance of being clean or else it will give you inaccurate readings.

  • Updated with a very sensitive sensor
  • Has dual mode (forehead and eardrum)
  • Logs last 20 readings
  • Back light changes color to denote possible fever
  • Consecutive readings can be off as far as 3 to 4 degrees with one another
  • No pre-warmed tip

5. Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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The Dr. Madre infrared digital forehead thermometer takes all of the guesswork out of reading temperatures by using a non-contact approach so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the patient, which is a welcome option when you have a sick child and infant. Whether you use the forehead thermometer for a baby, a child or an adult, there’s no need to disturb them from their rest.
Simply press the SCAN button and hold the thermometer approximately 2 to 4 inches above the forehead. In less than a second, you’ll get a reading. Both in the large backlit digital readout for those nighttime readings. When you don’t want to wake them, or you can hear it speak your readout to you. In your choice of either English or Spanish. Comes with a two-year warranty and a sturdy plastic storage case.

  • Non-contact
  • Tracks the history of your last 12 readouts
  • Readouts available in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Display available in English and Spanish
  • Can sometimes give lower then actual temperature readings
  • Doesn’t always read same temperature consistently

6. Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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When you look within the family of medical infrared thermometers the Metene stands out. As quite an impressive choice, that also happens to be easy to use. Simply attach the snap-on plastic cap and it can be used on the forehead. Or remove the cap and this infrared thermometer automatically converts over to the ear mode.

This model’s large LCD display turns red and the unit emits an alarm alerting you of fever. But only in the forehead mode. Both options use the latest in infrared technology to give you your results in less than a second. This forehead thermometer is not recommended for infants under the age of 3 months. Comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee and a full two-year warranty.

  • Can store up to 32 readings each for either one or two individuals
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
  • Panel buttons are small and difficult to maneuver, especially while in a dark room
  • Have to keep up with protective plastic cap in order to change from forehead to ear mode
  • Sensor tip is not pre-warmed

7. ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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At first glance, you can see that the ANKOVO forehead and ear thermometer appears to be simple to use. Sporting only two buttons. One labeled for the forehead and the other labeled for the ear. It’s simplicity to operate will be well appreciated. When you’re trying to determine if someone has a possible fever.
This digital infrared thermometer gives readings in one second or less. As well as, accompanied by a discreet but noticeable beep. With a memory capacity of up to 20 readings. You’ll be able to chart someone’s progress with the simple touch of a button. The ANOKO’s fever alert also informs you if a temperature reaches above 99.5 degrees. By emitting 7 short, rapid beeps while illuminating the LCD display.

  • Simple to use 2 button system
  • Comes with a fever alert
  • Non-contact capability not available
  • Registers too large of a difference between forehead and ear readings

8. TempIR Clinical Infrared Body Temperature Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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Whether you’re an adult, have a child or are looking for the perfect body temperature thermometer for a baby. This may very well be the one you’ve been looking for. This medical infrared thermometer is compact. Yet has an oversized digital display that lights up for easier reading. Making it the perfect choice to use on a sleeping or restless baby or child.

Being a non contact body temperature thermometer. Means you need only hold it approximately 1 to 2 inches away from the forehead, to get a reading. The silent button feature allows you to take a patient’s temperature without disrupting their rest. Plus your readings come through in one second or less. In your choice of either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The TempIR is durable with the capability of an estimated 40,000 readings. Then powers down after just 30 seconds to conserve battery power. It also has an impressive storage capacity is up to 32 readings. One of the largest on the market.

  • Fever alarm notifies you if temperature becomes elevated too high.
  • Does not require sensor covers.
  • Prevents possible cross contamination.
  • Only non contact medical thermometer with a Lifetime Product Replacement warranty.
  • Does not come with ear mode

9. Equinox Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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The Equinox infrared forehead thermometer has all of the features you need in one convenient package. Since it’s non contact, it can used on everyone from infant to adult. It’s 3 modes allows you use it for fever detection. As well as, to check the temperature of a room or a particular surface.

At first glance it might look complicated to use. But don’t let the assortment of buttons discourage you. The backlit display changes color to denote the temperature. By showing green for normal, yellow for a slight elevation or red for a serious fever. If a fever is noted the display will turn red and the thermometer will sound an alarm to alert you. It has a built in capacity of up to 32 readings. Can also, easily convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius. With just the click of a button.

  • One of the most accurate non contact infrared forehead thermometers with an error rate of +/- 0.3 degrees
  • One of the largest memory capacities of medical infrared thermometers
  • Does not have an ear mode
  • Can get frozen on one temperature for long periods of time

10. AccuMed AT2102 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Review

Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Reviews 2020

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The many features of the AccuMed AT2102 allows it to easily rank high in the non contact infrared thermometer category. Similar in functionality to the Equinox. This instant read handheld thermometer also touts a 32 reading memory. But differs slightly from the Equinox. In that it only has a 2 category readout system. Of green for temperatures below normal and red for those above normal.
The available 3 modes of measurement allow you to check temperature under the categories of “body”, “surface” and “room”. The non-contact infrared sensor allows you to keep this handheld unit 1 to 2 inches away from the forehead. Has a silent mode to avoid disturbing someone’s rest and lights up for use in darkened rooms.

  • Large 32 reading memory capacity.
  • Categorizes fevers under normal, mild or severe headings using colored backlights.
  • Silent mode
  • Does not come with an ear mode.
  • Voice readout is quite loud and could scare small children or infants.

What Is An Infrared Thermometer?

Unlike digital stick thermometers that measure your internal temperature, medical infrared thermometers measure the amount of heat that your body is radiating. While a standard digital model is still relatively accurate. They simply can’t compete with infrared technology. And infrared models give faster results and are more comfortable for patients to endure.

There are two different types of medical infrared thermometers:

1. Contact: scans the thermometer across the forehead and/or over to the temple.

2. Non-contact version: for this model you hold the thermometer approximately one to two inches away from the patient’s forehead. Press a button which projects two small red circles onto the skin. Then you adjust the distance until the two circles merge into one and release the button to get your reading.

Most models also come with a tympanic feature. In this mode, it uses the temperature of the eardrum since this is considered to be the most accurate way to read a person’s temperature.

Why Use An Infrared Medical Thermometer?

With the many advancements available in infrared thermometers, many are shifting their attention away from using traditional mercury thermometers. Besides the obvious advantages that infrared offers. There is also the safety aspect to consider. Since the possible risk of exposure to mercury poisoning is far too serious to ignore.

Are Infrared Thermometers Safe For Babies?

This is, of course, a legitimate concern for anyone who is a parent and for good reason. Since an infant’s body is so delicate. The slightest deviation in temperature can quickly make a dramatic difference in their overall health. That’s why accuracy and reliability are so crucial. An infrared thermometer can offer that kind of peace of mind. By taking the guesswork out of taking temperatures and alerting you at the first sign of trouble.

But there is the concern, that no matter how advanced an infrared medical thermometer may be. They are not recommended for infants under the age of 3 months. If you must use an infrared thermometer on an infant, you’ll want to be sure to use the ear mode. Since this has been clinically proven to be by far the most reliable and accurate measurement of temperature.


As you can see, there are a variety of infrared medical thermometers available to you. Each with their own specific features to meet your needs. Having such a precise measuring tool at your disposal. takes away the fear associated with guesswork. Also helps you monitor a sick individual more closely.

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