How to read a thermometer and use it ?

Thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of the people. This is not so tricky but you should know the way in which you can use the device. This is the reason that this articles comprised of the most common queries asked by our readers.

  1. how to read a thermometer for fever
  2. how to read a glass thermometer
  3. how to use mercury thermometer
  4. how to read a digital thermometer
  5. how to read a thermometer for body temperature
  6. how to read a thermometer for kids
  7. how to read a thermometer under the arm
  8. how to read a thermometer in Celsius

Let us look at theses questions one by one

How to read a thermometer for fever

Thermometer is used to check the temperature of the body. This is the reason that we use the thermometer to measure the temperature of the person who is suffering from the fever.  The difference here is that whether the person is measuring the temperature with a traditional thermometer or a digital thermometer.

In case you are measuring the temperature through digital thermometer the procedure is very simple. Are you need to do is to make a contact between the body and the thermometer. This contact can be of 3 types.

  • Oral
  • In the armpit
  • Through the rectum

In oral contact the contact of the thermometer is made with the body through the mouth. the thermometer is placed under the tongue. As the contact is being made the temperature can be observed after a short interval.

In the armpit the contact is being made with the skin and with the thermometer. This is the nost easiest way to take the temperature of the body. But this is not the most accurate method. Usually the observation taken during the process of the observation is less than the origin temperature. You can manually ad some degrees in the reading to made it accurate or near to accurate.

Through rectum is not the most easiest way but the most accurate way to measure the temperature of the object. In this method the nob of the thermometer is being entered through the rectum. Good care should be done the insertion should not be more than half inch. Once you feel that there is any hurdle in the way. You must stop. The thermometer should be cleaned properly after the use.
in case you are using a digital thermometer. What’s the temperature is being settled it produces a sound. The display becomes stable and and you can easily read the reading. Incase you are using a glass thermometer you should look for the answer of the next question.

How to read a glass thermometer

These are the traditional old thermometers. In which the mercury is used as a measuring object of the temperature. The procedure is simple. Mercury climbs in a glass tube. This glass tube is marked with the temperature bars. On one side of the glass tube it has been marked with the centigrade and on the other side of the tube the marking is done according to the Fahrenheit system.

To read the temperature on a glass thermometer you need to hold the thermometer horizontally. Do not hold it from the side of the bulb as if you hold it from the side of the bulb. Your body temperature may rise the level of the mercury in the glass tube. In this way you will not be able to get the accurate reading of the temperature.

As an additional tip let us told you that the normal body temperature is 98.6º F or 37º C. you can see a line indicating the normal body temperature. This as a reference line helps you o identify that how low or high is the temperature of the person is.

The next is the glass thermometer that has been placed in the room or outside to grab the atmospheric temperature. These are of two types the indoor thermometers and the outdoor thermometers. These type of the thermometers are usually bounded on a woven board. On both side of the wodden board the temperature mark has been arranged. These temperature marks on one side represents the Celsius and on the either side these marks represents the fahrenheit. Stand in the straight position facing the thermometer. You will c that the mercury level in the tube. Find out right and left you will c the different indications on both slides of the tube. The height of the mercury can indicate the exact temperature of the room or the outside atmosphare. What you need to do is just to locate the temperature mark that is actually very near to the level of the mercury.

How to use mercury thermometer

Mercury is an object. This is actually a metal. On the normal temperature this is in the liquid form. Like all the objects this stated to stretchy as the temperature rises and started to shrink as the temperature decreases. This phenomena is really simple by using this phenomena this can be used to measure the temperature. This measurement can both be done. First in close contact with the body and the atmospheric temperature can also be done with the help of this thermometer. The mercury is enclosed in a glass tube. On a side of the glass tube a bulb made with the heat transferring material has been installed.

This bulb is actually a type of the container in this container the mercury is being stored. Once the heat is transfer thorough the bulb to the mercury the mercury started to climb. As this started to climb it settles at the place that is stable. Now is the time to take the temperature. On both side of the mercury tube you will c the temperature marks. On one side the marking so done according to the celsius scale and on the other side this marking is done as per the fahrenheit scale so that you may take the reading in the scale that os convenient for you.

Look for the most adjacent mark on the tube at both sides. The most adjacent mark is the temperature you want to observe. Another important thing to remember is that do not touch or hold the bulb from the bulb side. Other wise the temperature will be increased. This temperature increase due to your body heat will restrict the ability to observe the temperature accurately.

How to read a digital thermometer

This is something that is really easy to do. As the digits appear on the display of the thermometer and you can easily look at these numbers to read it. But the things are not so simple the digital thermometers comes with lots of lots of options. As there are many options. These can also adjust and effect the readings that you are actually observing on the screen.

Therefore this is really important to look at the manual of the thermometer before using it. Otherwise the chances are high that you may be got trap between lots of options. The results you observe may not be so true.

How to read a thermometer for body temperature

As described above this will work same for the digital as well as the traditional mercury thermometers. All you need to do is just to follow the same procedure described for the glass and the digital thermometer above. If you need to measure the temperature for a specific method. Different methods are also described above you may use any method what you want. Look for the section “How to read a thermometer for fever”.

How to read a thermometer for kids

Children are the rest less souls this is difficult to keep them calm when taking the temperature of them. This is the reason that we require the temperature that should not involve more time. For the kids the forehead thermometer or the ear thermometer are the good options.

Avoid using the glass tube thermometer for the kid especially if the kid is so small. The kid may break the thermometer in the mouth. This will not only injure the mouth of the kid but also the mercury can be very dangerous to handle inside the mouth of the kid.

There fore this is recommended that if you need to use a glass thermometer for the kid preferably use it in the armpit. There is an indication mark on the glass tube thermometers that indicated the normal human temperature. The normal human temperature is 98.6º F or 37º C. The procedure to take the temperature is same as narrated above. You may look for it in the section “How to read a glass therometer”

Digital thermometer is relatively simple and more safe to use than the traditional thermometers. But you should be aware about the different display options. For this consult the manual properly. Fir the kids the more recommended options are the forehead thermometers and the ear thermometers.  Both of these require very small time for the operations. These hardly take the seconds. As the requires time is minimum so that you can easily monitor the temperature of the kid. Sometime it only requires some seconds to operate properly.

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How to read a thermometer under the arm

Obviously you will get it out from the armpit and read it accordingly. The procedure is not hard and is already described in this article. This depends that which type of the thermometer you are using. In case you are using a traditional thermometer or you are using a digital thermometer in both cases you can consult the above narrated points in this article


How to read a thermometer in celsius

We have comprehensively cover this point in this article too. Although there is no difference between reading a celsius and a fahrenheit thermometer.

Final Words
Thermometer should be cleaned properly after every use. Be sure that the thermometer is completely safe before using it.

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