Weber Summit S-470 vs S-670

The Weber Summit S-470 and S-670 are both beautiful, extremely high-quality, stainless steel grills. Weber’s Summit Series is the top of the line from this high-quality and trusted grill maker, so if you are looking for the best in a propane or natural gas grill, one of these impressive models may be your dream grill. Consider our Weber Summit S-470 vs S-670 review covering the features to decide which of these grills is right for you. While both of these Weber grills feature some of the same awesome features, there are some important differences between them to consider.

Weber Summit S-470

The Weber Summit Series is for committed grillers and the Weber Summit S-470 is the smallest grill in this line. This Weber grill packs all of the convenience and features of the Weber Summit series into a size that is reasonable for the average backyard patio. This stainless steel grill is priced the same as the black model, so your choice is a matter of preference. Many people find that the stainless steel appearance looks sleek on their patio. You may find that the many features of the Summit Series feel a bit cramped in this four burner gas grill, so carefully consider your choice before making the significant investment in this high quality Weber Summit 470.

Weber Summit S-470 vs S-670

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  • Sear station burner
  • Side burner
  • 6 hooks to store your utensils
  • Lighted control knobs for outside grilling
  • Handle light
  • Heavy duty caster wheels
  • Rotisserie rod can be difficult to insert and remove
  • Rotisserie burner is difficult to light
  • Knob LEDs are unnecessary
  • Batteries for grill light are annoying to replace
  • Warming tray is low and close to the cooking service and gets in the way
  • Feels narrow for a 4 burner grill

Weber Summit S-470 Specifications

  • 4 stainless steel burners
  • 48800 BTU per hour input to primary burners
  • 12000 BTU per hour input to side burner
  • 10600 BTU per hour input to sear station burner
  • 468 square inches of primary cooking area
  • 112 square inches of warming rack area
  • 10 year warranty
  • Works with natural gas or LP tank

Weber Summit S-470 Review

If you are someone who takes your grilling seriously and want to be able to cook for a crowd at cookouts or your family on weekdays with ease, this Summit grill might be right for you. Not only does this gas grill deliver incredible power and convenience, but it looks beautifully stylish while it does it. Weber is a well-known maker of high quality gas grills, and the Summit Series is the top of the line for Weber.

These grills offer the most exclusive features and the best performance imaginable for professional grade, mouth-watering results every time. A grill of this quality will make your grilling experience into a true pleasure. A sturdy gliding shroud slides effortlessly on the hinges, eliminating the frustrating experience of having the lid fall back when you are opening the grill or having to find somewhere to put a removable lid.

The cook box of this Weber Summit 470 is made of a durable cast aluminum that requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best. This resilient material can withstand the heat of very high temperature grilling. The shape of the cook box is designed to work with the shroud to provide the best circulation of heat around your food so the cooking will be even whether the heat source is direct or indirect. The stainless steel rods of the grate make beautiful sear marks, hold heat exceptionally well, and are easy to clean.

A burner table is built into the Weber Summit 470 so that you can easily multitask and cook side dishes on the burner while you grill. The burner is made of a high grade stainless steel which will stand up to being next to the heat of the grill over the years as well as a small amount of water in natural gas and propane.

There are no weld in the steel used to compose the burner tubes, in order to prevent the possibility of rust. You can control each burner separately so that you can grill directly or indirectly as well as utilizing the side table burners for side dishes. Burners are spaced so that they will create even heat across the entire cooking grate.

Infinite control settings on the burner valve of this gas grill allow you to fine-tune heat levels to your exact preferences. You can also keep the heat in one section if you want to quickly grill a smaller meal. A sear station burner allows you to achieve a rapid and hot sear on your meat so that you can achieve juicy rare insides and a crisp outside with beautiful sear remarks.

A smoker burner runs as low as 6800 BTU so you can achieve very low heat for long-term smoking. The tuckaway rotisserie system has a flip-up motor and a spit and fork with built-in storage so you can provide perfect rotisserie every time and put away the tools easily when not in use. A particular burner is designed for rotisserie with 10,600 BTU.

The Summit Series features Weber’s innovative flavorizer bars which are angled perfectly to catch drippings as they fall from your cooking food. Drippings sizzle and smoke on the flavorizer bars and Infuse your food with a smoky flavor that is reminiscent of cooking over charcoal or wood on this gas grill.

Any grease that is not captured and vaporized by the flavorizer bars is directed into the effective grease management system which captures grease into a catch pan to prevent the risk of flare-ups within your grill. The grease tray and catch pan are both very easy to clean, just slide them out of the cabinet and remove the disposable drip pan when it is full. A fuel gauge always lets you know where you stand on fuel.

A front mounted lighted control panel makes it easy for you to control the burners even in the dark. The individual burner ignition system makes sure that you get a roaring flame every time you ignite.

Weber Summit S-470 vs E-470

The Weber Summit S-470 and E-470 are nearly identical grills and differ only in their appearance. E model gas grills in the Summit Series have black porcelain double cart doors and a black porcelain hood. The S model has stainless steel doors and hood. It could be argued that the black porcelain holds in heat slightly better than the stainless, but if there is a difference it is negligible. Both the Weber Summit 470 models have four burners which each receive 12200 BTU and a side burner which receives 10600 BTU. Both have a primary cooking area of 468 square inches and a removable warming rack that is 112 square in. Both of these models have sear burners and built-in rotisserie with a motor.

Weber Summit S-670

The Weber Summit S-670 is a powerful grill that can provide you with all of the space and features that you need to grill a wide range of food with ease. Whether you want to smoke with low indirect heat, rotisserie chickens or ham, achieve a blackening sear, or grill plenty of food for all of your friends at a barbecue, this incredible gas grill will have you covered for many years to come.

Weber Summit S-470 vs S-670

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  • 6 burners backed by 60000 BTUs per hour of power provides plenty of room and heat to feed your entire party
  • Stainless steel design looks sleek
  • Provides more room for extra features like warming rack and rotisserie system, unlike smaller models which can feel like they have these features forced
  • Can maintain impressively low temperatures even when all burners are turned on
  • Tank gas volume scale may not work properly
  • May arrive damaged due to insufficient packaging
  • Fire mechanisms may fail overtime
  • Ignitor, thermocouple, and gas lines are exposed

Weber Summit S-670 Specifications

  • 60000 BTUs per hour input to main burners
  • 10600 BTU per hour to sear station burner
  • 6800 BTU to smoker box burner
  • 10600 BTU to rear-mounted rotisserie
  • 12000 BTU per hour to side burner
  • 769 square inches of primary cooking area
  • 145 square inches of warming rack area
  • 10 year warranty

Weber Summit S-670 Review

The Weber Summit S-670 has all of the awesome features of the Summit Series. A sturdy cook box and easy glide shroud will last for years to come. Extremely high grade burner tubes deliver heat consistently across the grate, while high grade stainless steel burners can withstand very high heat without showing any wear.

You can control each bar for complete control over your grill experience and for a wide range of options in cooking. Weber’s Innovative flavor bar system is designed to catch drippings and produce a wonderful smoky flavor while the effective grease management system removes any excess grease that is not utilized by the flavorizer bar and moves it into an easy to clean disposable drip tray system.

The Summit S-670 is on the higher end of the Summit Spectrum, with six stainless steel burners. This is a serious, heavy duty gas grill that will provide for a large family or a large cookout with ease. The Snap Jet individual burner ignition system ensures that every burner is lit the first time every time. Burners are backed by 60800 BTU per hour of heat. The stainless steel cooking grate provides beautiful sear marks.

769 square inches of total cooking space composed of 624 square inches of primary cooking grate and 145 square inches of warming rack gives you a lot of room to get all of your grilling done. A side burner has 12000 BTUs of power while the sear station burner offers 10600 BTUs and the smoker burner can cook low and long with 6800 BTUs. The rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner has 10600 BTUs and a tuck-away rotisserie system which has a flip up motor and storage for the spit and fork built-in.

This Weber Summit has two stainless steel work areas and two grill out lights so that you will have plenty of room to work and be able to see what you are doing. 6 tool hooks give you plenty of room to store your tools without dirtying your work surfaces.

Weber Summit S-670 vs E-670

The Weber Summit S-670 and E-670, like the other S and E models in the Weber series, are different only in their appearance. Both models have 6 burners that pack a whopping ten thousand BTUs each as well as convenient features like a sear burner, a side burner, a sear burner, and a removal rotisserie. Both have 624 total square inches of cooking area.

The S-670 has stainless steel doors and hood and the shelves and control panel are also stainless steel. The E-670 has black porcelain doors and hood. It may be that the porcelain holds in heat better than the stainless steel but if so it is to a negligible degree, so in general this will be a decision about appearance. An entirely stainless steel appliance may look more attractive on your porch or patio, and since this is such a large grill it may be worth it to you to invest in something that will look good.

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