How to reset infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometers are really very popular devices these days. The reason is the usability of the product. This is not only easy to use but also provides accurate results. The precision of the result is important. This is the reason that we should know how to reset the infrared thermometer?.

Here in this article we have grabbed some of the most important questions that are frequently asked by the users of The infrared thermometer.

  • how to factory reset infrared thermometer
  • how to reset infrared thermometer to fahrenheit
  • how do you change an infrared thermometer to fahrenheit
  • infrared thermometer not working
  • how to calibrate infrared thermometer
  • how to reset a thermometer for fever
  • how to reset thermometer
  • Remove infrared thermometer error

We will discuss these questions one by one.

How to factory reset the infrared thermometer?

The usage of the infrared thermometer has increased tremendously. Due to its ease of use, it has been used for cooking for industrial processes and most importantly to measure the temperature of the human body. The use of infrared temperature is not limited to these.

Many other uses of the infrared thermometer have also been observed. No matter how sophisticated and advanced the thermometer is, if it is not capable of providing an accurate temperature it is of no use.

Therefore sometimes we need to reset the device. The process to reset the infrared thermometer is not very difficult. but certainly, it requires a series of steps that should be performed in an accurate manner so that the desired results can be obtained.

Let’s look at these steps one by one so that you can use your infrared thermometer to produce the correct temperature readings. In this way not only will your thermometer make the best use of the money you spend in producing it but this will also improve the results which you want to obtain after measuring the temperature accurately.

Find out if your infrared thermometer actually requires a reset or not

Before starting this process you should know if your infrared thermometer actually requires reset or not. This can simply be observed or judged by simply observing the accuracy of your tool. Two methods are most commonly used for this purpose

  • Ice point method
  • Boiling point method

In the first method that is the ice point method, small preparations are required to test your instrument for accuracy. Let’s discuss these points one by one so that you can easily follow and get the desired results.

  1. Take ice and crush it
  2. The ice should be in such quantity that it must fill the jar.
  3. Slowly and steadily start to add water in that jar.
  4. A point will come when the jar ice starts to stir.
  5. Wait for 10 seconds and now use your thermometer to observe the temperature of that mixture.
  6. If it indicates 32 degrees Fahrenheit it means that your thermometer is working properly.

The reset is not required in these circumstances. If things are not so then you are required to reset your thermometer for accurate results.

In case you do not want to check the accuracy of your thermometer from the above narrated method then the other method can be applied.

Actually, we recommend you to use both methods one after the other. This will provide you with the most accurate results.
Let us look at the boiling point method

  1. Take a jar in which you can boil the water.
  2. The quantity of the water after boiling in that jar should be 6 inches.
  3. This means that you can fill the water in the jar around 7 and a half inches. So that after boiling you will get the desired quantity.
  4. Provide the heat to the jar. So that the water started to boil.
  5. As the temperature rises and the water starts to boil you can observe the temperature of the boiling water. While doing so keep in mind that you should take the observation at the center of the jar. Do not close to the edges or the boundary of the Jar. if you do not do so there are chances that a slight difference of temperature may occur.
  6. The tricky thing about the boiling water temperature is that it does not remain the same. It changes with the change of the height from the sea level. Below is a small guide so that you can have an idea that what should be the accurate temperature of the boiling water at your specific height
    1. if you are at sea level the temperature of the boiling water should be 212 Fahrenheit
    2. At 1000 feet the temperature of the boiling water will be 210 degree Fahrenheit
    3. At 2000 feet the temperature for the decreases and it will become 208 degree Fahrenheit
    4. At 3000 feet the temperature of the boiling water will become 206.4 degree Fahrenheit
    5. 202.75 degrees Fahrenheit will be the temperature of the boiling water at 5000 feet.
    6. add the 8000 feet the temperature will be as low as 197.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to your height from the sea level, you can observe if your thermometer is providing an accurate temperature reading or not.

If the difference in the observations is being recorded or observed now is the time to finally reset the thermometer. Otherwise, the reset is not required.

The process to reset the infrared thermometer

To begin the process first find out the reset button on the thermometer. If you cannot find the reset button on the thermometer or your thermometer does not have a reset button. The bad news is that you cannot reset your thermometer. In that case you should consult a proper professional mechanic to help you out from the current situation.

For those who are able to find out the reset button on their thermometer. Let us look at the process step by step.

  1. The thermometer should be checked for accurate reading regularly
  2. This can be after every seven days or at least once a month
  3. whenever a new thermometer is acquired this should be checked for the accuracy
  4. If the problem in that reading is observed then that reset for the calibration should be done accordingly
  5. If a thermometer is accidentally dropped off from the hand or from any other surface. This must be checked for accuracy and if the problem is found this must be reset.
  6. Sometimes the problem is not with the functionality for the senses of the thermometer.
  7. The most common problem in these circumstances is observed with the batteries of the thermometer.
  8. In that case, change the batteries of the thermometer.
  9. Do not forget to reset your thermometer again after the change of the batteries.
  10. You do not require to always calibrate or reset your thermometer by yourself.
  11.  In case you do not want to do it yourself.
  12. you may require to contact a third-party facilitator or with the original manufacturer of the thermometer.
  13. This is really very important to maintain the log of the calibration.
  14. If the error term appears on the display it means that the reset or the calibration is necessary. This usually appears in the form of “Er”.
  15. Remove the batteries for a short interval. This short interval should not be more than a few minutes. Now put the batteries again and turn on the thermometer.

FAQs about resetting a thermometer

These are some of the important frequently asked questions about resetting a thermometer. We did our best to reply to them or in a proper way so that the readers can take the maximum benefit of the knowledge.

How to reset infrared thermometer to Fahrenheit

This is the simple process to switch the thermometer Between the different measuring scales. Let’s look at this process step by step. Please do remember that this process is only for the digital thermometer.

  1.  Turn off the thermometer.
  2. In case something is still appearing on the screen of the thermometer. Wait until the display is completely wiped off.
  3. Wait for a short interval of time. This short interval of time will be around 10 seconds.
  4. No Press the ER button and do not release it back. At the display, you will see the option C or F.
  5. The same button can be used to switch between both choices
  6. Choose the appropriate choice.
  7. No turn off the thermometer
  8. Wait for 10 seconds
  9. Turn the thermometer back again
  10. This will show the temperature measurement in your desired unit.

Infrared thermometer not working

If you are infrared, the thermometer is not working. Then there are three possibilities

  1. Thermometer is not giving the proper correct reading
  2. Thermometer is displaying the error term
  3. Thermometer is not turning on.

All of these three problems require different solutions.

in case you have a problem with the observed temperature then try to reset the thermometer. You can do this by following the method mentioned above.

In case the thermometer is providing the added term this same problem can also be resolved with the reset. In case you are not able to reset the machine by yourself. Call for the services from a third party.

In the third case try to replace the batteries. If the thermometer is still not turning on then you may need to look for professional help. Hire a professional to do this job for you.

Final Words
The material explained above also covers the question of how to calibrate an infrared thermometer? how to reset a thermometer for fever? How to reset the thermometer? And Remove infrared thermometer error. In case there is still a question left, drop a query and we will try to answer the question. As soon as possible. To reset the traditional mercury thermometers you can look at our articles here.

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