iProven DMT-489 vs DMT-316 | Ear & Forehead

When you are worried that your child has a fever, you need to feel confident that the iProven thermometer that you choose will correctly tell your child’s temperature. Children and babies hate having their temperature taken in their mouth and often an accurate temperature is difficult to take since children are reluctant to hold their mouths closed and their tongue down in the appropriate manner.

An accurate iProven ear/forehead thermometer can provide you with the comfort of knowing that you can accurately gauge your child’s temperature without causing further discomfort or distress. There are several good digital ear/forehead thermometers on the market. Consider this iProven DMT-489 vs DMT-316 review for an ear/forehead thermometer that is perfect for your family.

iProven DMT-489 vs DMT-316

Both of these thermometer can measure from the forehead or in the ear rapidly and provide accurate results, but the newer model, the iProven DMT-316, is more accurate. An improved algorithm gives the 316 the best accuracy on the market without compromising on speed.

The physical design has also been changed in the 316, resulting in a more compact thermometer that should be easier for most people to use. Some people find that the 489 had a more ergonomic design and fit more comfortably in the hand. At only $2 more, for most people the improve accuracy and compact design of the iProven DMT 316 will be worth buying.

iProven DMT-489 Review

iProven DMT-489 vs DMT-316 | Ear & ForeheadiProven DMT-489 vs DMT-316

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The iProven DMT-489 is perfect for not only small children, but for everyone in your family. You will be able to take your child’s temperature without their even noticing. The backlit screen is easy to see, even at night.
You can use the head mode to get a quick indication for measuring temperature by gently touching it against your child’s head for 3 seconds. This mode is perfect for taking measurements when your child is sleeping and in between the more accurate but more invasive ear measurements.

The ear mode gets a spot on measurement in one click so that you can very quickly get the temperature without bothering your child for long. This thermometer comes with a storage pouch for your convenience. Extensive clinical testing can make you feel confident that this thermometer will be accurate, and the FDA approval will make you feel safe using it with your children.

This is one of the easiest to use thermometers on the market while still providing a very accurate result. All you have to do is turn the thermometer on, wait for a self test so you can feel confident about accuracy, wait for the pre warm, place and position, click and done. The iProven DMT 489 thermometer takes only about a second to reach an ear temperature.

Since this iProven digital thermometer DMT 489 is clinically calibrated for medical use, you can know that it will be more accurate than competition. Only two buttons makes this iProven thermometer hassle free and easy-to-use. The beep is loud enough to notify you when it’s done even if you’re hearing is not perfect.

  • Forehead measurement and ear measurement for versatility
  • Some people find the design more ergonomic than the iProven DMT-316
  • Rapid temperature taking
  • Money back guarantee for 100 days after your purchase
  • Not as accurate as newer DMT 316 model
  • Bulkier design than new model

iProven DMT-316 Review

iProven DMT-316 Review

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This iProven DMT-316 offers extremely fast measurements, with forehead measurement taking only three seconds and the ear measurement taking just a click of only one second. The forehead measurement will allow you a quick temperature indication so that you can have a general idea of your child’s temperature in between the more accurate ear function. The rapid ear function will allow you to take an accurate temperature very quickly so that you don’t bother your child.
This backlit thermometer makes it easy for you to read the results even in the dark. If your child’s temperature is of a fever level, the color of the backlight will indicate this. This iProven forehead thermometer comes in a pouch to make it easy for you to keep it clean and store it.

This iProven DMT 316 fever thermometer has an improved algorithm for unmatched accuracy and has a newly designed shape that is more compact and easier-to-use. It comes at a slightly more expensive cost than the previous model, but only by a couple of dollars.

  • Improved algorithm for unmatched accuracy
  • Take readings by ear or forehead
  • Improved compact design
  • Rapid readings so that you don’t bother your child
  • About $2 more expensive than previous model
  • Some people find previous model’s design more ergonomic

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