Fluke 59 Max vs 62 Max | Plus (2021 Review)

Fluke offers a variety of high-quality thermometers to meet your non-contact temperature measurement needs. Whether you are in an industrial setting or just need a high-quality thermometer for home use. There are a wide variety of cases in which you may need a thermometer that can measure temperature without making contact. Such as, when you can not easily access the material needing to be measured.

When deciding between the Fluke 59 Max vs 62 Max consider all of the features offered by both the Max and the Max Plus models. So that you can make a good decision that will meet your needs. For the highest distance to spot ratio and the most features, consider the Fluke 62 Max Plus. But if you are looking for the most affordable thermometer that can meet your needs with a low distance to spot ratio but good accuracy. Consider the Fluke 59 Max.

Fluke 59 Max vs 62 Max

Both the Fluke 59 Max and the Fluke 62 Max offer two models within their series: a Max and a Max Plus. With the Max Plus offering increased distance to spot ratio in both cases. The Fluke 59 is the more affordable, and offers good accuracy. Although it will not be as good at discerning the measurement zone as the Fluke 62.

The Fluke 62 also offers improvements in distance to spot ratio and is weatherproofed and drop tested. So you can feel confident about using the thermometer, even in difficult working areas.

Fluke 59 Max Review

Fluke 59 Max vs 62 Max | Plus (2020 Review)

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The Fluke 59 Max offers precise laser technology. So you can get the most accurate measurements for a reasonable price of under $85. The Easy-to-Read backlit LCD display is large for easy viewing. The design of this Fluke IR thermometer is lightweight and small enough to easily fit into a tool box. You can be assured of extra protection due to the IP 40 rating.

More accurate measurements are enabled by the precise laser technology. This Fluke Max 59 thermometer has an eight to one distance to spot ratio. So it is best for measuring near temperatures. The temperature range of this thermometer is from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Or 30 degrees Celsius to 500 degrees Celsius and it has an accuracy of more or less 2 degrees Celsius.

For around $10 more, you can get the Fluke 59 Max Plus. Which offers a distance to spot ratio of 10 to 1 for readings at further distances. This thermometer is just as lightweight as the Max. Also offers the same features and accuracy.

  • Precise laser technology for accurate measurements
  • Lightweight and compact so it can fit into your toolbox
  • Wide temperature range with high top temperature for wide range of uses
  • Not weatherproofed or drop tested like the Fluke 62 series
  • Lack of dual lasers makes for less accurate measurement areas

Fluke 62 Max Review

Fluke 59 Max vs 62 Max | Plus (2020 Review)

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For around $100 the Fluke 62 Max can provide excellent and accurate measurements of non contact surface temperature. This is an effective thermometer for use in mechanical, electrical, automotive, HVAC, or a wide variety of other uses. Measure temperatures ranging from -22 to over 930 degrees Fahrenheit. Or -32 to over 500 degrees Celsius for a very high top temperature and a wide range of uses. The accuracy varies 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Fluke 62 Max offers a 10 to 1 infrared distance to spot ratio. Plus has laser sighting so you can pinpoint the measurement area. The minimum, maximum, and distance between the two will be displayed. As well as, the average temperatures. This thermometer is certified IP54  so you can feel confident of protection against dust as well as splashing liquid.

The design of this Fluke IR thermometer is small and lightweight. Enough to easily clip to your tool belt or belt loop. The large backlit display makes the data on this thermometer easy to read even in the dark. While the rugged built-to-last design can withstand not only splashes and dust, but a 3-meter drop.

For about $50 more, you can get the Fluke 62 Max Plus. Which offers all of the features of the Max. As well as, a 12 to 1 distance to spot ratio for measuring slightly further distances. It can measure higher temperatures, up to 650 degrees or 1202 degrees Fahrenheit. The Fluke 62 Plus loses out a little bit on battery life. Only lasting 8 hours, as opposed to the 10 hours achieved by the Max.

  • Dual laser for superior targeting
  • Dust and water resistant as well as drop tested to 3 Meters
  • Compact and ergonomically designed for a convenient hand fit and to fit easily into your toolbox
  • More expensive than the Fluke 59, especially if you need the 12 to 1 distance to spot ratio of the Max Plus
  • Lower battery life if you get the plus

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