How to clean Thermometer

Thermometer is a device that is used to measure that temperature of a body. During this process can be contaminated. once contaminated it will certainly transfer the diseases from one person to another. Therefore this is necessary to clean and tone properly so that it can be used from person to person. Below are the most important questions that are being asked about the cleaning of a thermometer.

  • how to clean thermometer step by step
  • how to sanitize thermometer coronavirus
  • can we clean the thermometer with sanitizer
  • how to clean thermometer bulb to stem
  • thermometer cleaning wipes
  • how to clean a thermometer with hydrogen peroxide
  • can we clean the thermometer with Dettol

Let us look at these one by one

How to clean thermometer step by step

First, we will look at how to clean a digital thermometer. Then we will look at how to clean a traditional thermometer.

Digital thermometers are expensive pieces of technology. But these are really very handy when it comes to measuring the temperature. This can be used at several different places to measure the temperature of the body. The three most common places are

  • Oral
  • Armpit
  • Rectum

The thing which must be noted is that do not use the thermometer in various locations. A specific thermometer should be dedicated to a specific place. Otherwise, it will become contaminated and it is very difficult to prevent the contamination from being separated from person to person.

Alcohol or spirit is needed to clean the thermometer. The solution should contain 60% alcohol. If it is so then the solution is fully capable of killing the germs on the thermometer.

Now let’s look at a step by step process to clean the thermometer fully

  1. take a ball of cotton and soak it in the alcohol
  2. Rub the thermometer against that cotton ball
  3. Make sure that no place should be left and you fully clean the thermometer.
  4. Each and every place including every high and low including every corner including every curve should not be missed.
  5. Let the thermometer air dry
  6. Sometimes the alcohol leaves its presence in the form of the smell.
  7. If you want to get rid of this disease then be sure to wash the thermometer with the cold water.
  8. Do not store the thermometer unless it is completely dried.

An alternative method

  1. Rinse the thermometer under the water tab.
  2. Apply the soap on the thermometer
  3. Rinse the thermometer under the water tab again
  4. Be sure that all the soap should be cleaned
  5. This process may damage the digital thermometer.

The first process is applicable to all analogue and digital thermometers. But in case you choose the second method then be sure to use it with at most care on a digital thermometer. otherwise this may create a problem in case of digital thermometer.

The cleaning of infrared and forehead thermometer

Usually, this type of thermometer is designed to measure the temperature without touching the surface of the skin. Even then this is recommended that you should clean it from time to time especially if it is a thermometer that is operated through the touch of the skin.

The procedure to clean the thermometer is really very simple.  All you need to do is just use a pre soaked alcoholic swab. The alcohol should make at least 60 % of the socked solution. Otherwise the germs will not be killed completely.

The cleaning of the Ear thermometer

So this is the simple process to kill the germs and clean the sensors. It has a small tiny sensor. This small tiny sensor can be cleaned with the help of a cotton swab soaked in the alcoholic substance that is 60% alcohol. Once socked this is ready to clean the sensor.

The sensor is cleaned and the thermometer is clean from the contaminations.

FAQs about the thermometer Cleaning

Following are some of the frequently asked questions about the thermometer cleaning and the sanitizing.

How to sanitize thermometer coronavirus

Coronavirus is composed of protein.the outer layer of the coronavirus is composed of protein. If this outer layer is destroyed the coronavirus will automatically be destroyed. The processor is simple. Application of the soap for 60 seconds will destroy the coronavirus. the digital parts of the digital thermometer can be destroyed. so to avoid this type of problem do not apply the soap

on the digital parts of the thermometer. In case you are using a thermometer. If you are using a traditional thermometer then you can apply soap and water on the full body.

Otherwise apply to shop only on the sensor on the part which is indirect contact of the patient.

Once this procedure is being done. Now this is the time to do the second part. Take a solution of at least 60% of alcohol.Soak a cotton swab in it.

Once soaked completely now rub it on the thermometer. No part of the thermometer should be left unattended. No matter if it is high or low curved or corner.

Can we clean the thermometer with a sanitizer?

Yes certainly we can clean the thermometer with the sanitizer. but make sure that the digital parts of the thermometer should not be met with a sanitizer. Otherwise the malfunctioning may occur and the thermometer may not work properly after that.

If you manage to save that digital part of your thermometer. The thermometer is completely safe to sanitize with the sanitizer.

How to clean thermometer bulb to stem

the bulb and stem of the thermometer can both be cleaned as per the above narrated process. This is to use the alcoholic solution with 60% alcohol and the cotton swab.

you can even arrange it with the soap in the clean water. Before applying the alcoholic cotton swab on it. Sometimes the alcoholic traces may remain on the thermometer in the form of smell.  A simple clean water rinse helps in this regard.

Thermometer cleaning wipes

Simple cleaning wipes are used to clean the thermometer. You can make some of your own with the help of cotton and  the alcohol. Sock the cotton in 60% alcoholic solution. your wife is ready to be used for the thermometer cleaning

How to clean a thermometer with hydrogen peroxide

This is a seven step process

  1. First you need to clean the thermometer. This is something that can be done by washing the thermometer with soap and water. in case you are using a digital thermometer. Do remember that the digital parts of the thermometer may be damaged with the water and soap. So in case you are using a digital thermometer, only clean the tip.
  2. Now fill a jar with the hydrogen peroxide. There is enough hydrogen peroxide in the jar and put the thermometer in the jar.
  3. let the thermometer shock the hydrogen peroxide for at least 20 minutes.
  4.  Now this is the time to dry the thermometer
  5. To do this you need to put the thermometer on a towel
  6. wait until the thermometer is dried completely.
  7. Now you can store your thermometer in the proper place

Can we clean thermometer with Dettol

This is a good sanitizer. But you are not advised to use it for the sensitization of the thermometer. This is originally made for the wounds. So try to avoid it with the thermometer.

Final Tip
This is always great to clean and sanitize the thermometer. But the Due care should be done and the proper method should be followed. Otherwise, this can be a mess you have to handle.

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