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The Weber Kettle Grill are well enough known that when most people think of camping or backyard grilling, it is a Weber Grill that they think of. From the highly portable Smokey Joe grills, to the classic Weber Original Kettle grills, to the fancier Premium, Performer, and Deluxe models, everyone can find a charcoal grill to fit their needs with Weber.

The following models are covered in this guide below:
Smokey Joe 14″
Jumbo Joe 18″
Original Kettle 18″
Original Kettle 22″
Original Kettle Premium 22″
Original Kettle Premium 26″
Performer 22″
Performer Premium 22″
Performer Deluxe 22″

Weber Kettle Grill Buying Guide & Reviews

All of these Weber Kettle Grill are made to a high quality standard, so choosing the right one for you is about comparing features and price. If you are looking for something that you can take to a picnic, BBQ, or tailgating, one of the Weber Smokey Joes is made for you. These are all choices that won’t run you over $100.

For those who are looking for a good backyard grill for under or around $100, go for the Weber Original Kettle Grills. These grills have been celebrated for many years, and chances are, you’ll think it’s a great value too.

If you are willing to pay a little more for a backyard grill with increased function, the Weber Original Kettle Premium may be the grill you want. This grill won’t cost much more, but features like a hinged grate and enclosed ash catch offer a lot of value.

For those who are looking for style and storage in their Weber charcoal grill, check out the Performer and Deluxe models. These innovative grills offer all of the features of the Kettle Premium, along with increased space and storage in a stylish design that will look sleek in any backyard.

Camping / Tailgating / Portable Weber Kettle Grills

There’s nothing like fresh grilled hamburgers or hot dogs, or even a whole smoked chicken, while you’re out camping or at a picnic or tailgating. Something about cooking outdoors, with the trees and open air and friends around you, just feels right. Weber portable grills offer excellent performance in a durable design that will handle many rough rides in the trunk of your car or bed of your truck.

Smokey Joe 14

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You don’t have to spend much for a portable grill that will offer excellent performance, along with precise control and durability through the years. Read this Weber Smokey Joe review to decide if this is the grill to keep you grilling wherever you please for some time.

  • Portable and convenient
  • Affordable, at between $30 and $40
  • Sensitive damper system
  • Even cooking with porcelain enameled coating
  • Glass reinforced nylon handle resistant to heat
  • Lid mounted thermometer is not very sensitive
  • No hinged grate
  • Shallow ashtray, so ash can be blown by the wind
  • Table should be protected if using with a table
  • It would be nice to have handles on the side to move it when ho
  • Lid doesn’t latch so can be bumped off when cooking

Smokey Joe Review

People can be fanatical in their devotion to Weber grills, and for many people, that devotion starts with a Weber Smokey Joe. These little grills are made for easy use and portability. Smokey Joe Grills are perfect beginner grills, and with a reasonable prices and great warranty, it feels like a good investment.

The Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill 14” is the smallest of this original series of Weber grills. The 12 ½ inch cooking grate is big enough for the casual BBQ, but small enough that it won’t take up too much room in your patio. This compact little grill is even small enough to easily go in your car or truck for camping trips or picnics.

The Smokey Joe portable grill feature Weber’s effective and sensitive damper system. Charcoal burns consistently and the temperature of the grill can be adjusted sensitively by changing the damper settings.

Ashes are caught and contained in the bowl, which should be emptied regularly so that wind doesn’t blow ash around. Since ashes constantly empty out of the grill, coals burn more easily in the restricted space.

This is a short model that can sit on the ground in classic camp style, or be set on a fire-safe surface. If setting the grill on a patio or picnic table, it is a good idea to protect the table with a heat safe pad and foil to catch any fallen ash.

There is a nylon handle that is reinforced with glass, letting you remove the lid as needed without worrying about an oven mitt. The cooking grate is triple nickel-plated, for durability and consistent heat distribution. A porcelain enameled coating on the lid helps to prevent any rusty or fading.

At a price between $30 and $40, depending on sales, this is a highly affordable Weber Smokey Joe that can get the job done and go anywhere with you, without breaking the bank. Save your money for steaks and burgers for your camping trip by choosing this practical, portable, affordable Smokey Joe portable charcoal grill. A ten year warranty gives you confidence that your grill will last.

Jumbo Joe

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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If you want to grill for a lot of people on the go, the Jumbo Joe is the Weber Grill for you. With plenty of surface area for a low price and the capacity to be either a smoker or a grill with equal success, this is a versatile grill for making great food on the go. Decide if it’s right for you with this Weber Jumbo Joe review.

  • Largesurface area for a portable grill
  • Lockinglid to keep grill enclosed on the road
  • Works assmoker or grill
  • Durableand versatile
  • Noheight adjustment for grilling surface, so tends to cook hot
  • Ashestend to get loose from tray
  • Handle gets hot ifthe breeze blows heat onto it

Jumbo Joe Review

The Weber Jumbo Joe charcoal grill is a big grill for a great price. It is perfect for those who want to grill for a large party and those who want to spend their money on Weber customizations, rather than on the grill itself. With a price of around $70, you can afford to choose the cooking grates that are perfect for the kind of grilling you do, like pizza or rotisserie.

Despite its 18.5” cooking area, the Weber Jumbo Joe is very portable. A locking lid keeps everything together on the road, and the low stand is sturdy in your trunk or truck bed.

The Weber Jumbo Joe grill can be used with equal success as a smoker or as a grill. When you want to grill, open the vents up and let air flow feed the fire for that great smoky taste. When smoking is desired, just close the vents about halfway to create the smoldering conditions that results in tender, fall off of the bone meat.

A glass reinforced nylon handle keeps cool while cooking, so you can easily check on the meat while you cook. The aluminum dampers and ash catcher are rust-resistant, for long term performance. You can feel confidence of this grill’s lasting durability, with a ten year warranty.

Weber Original Kettle Grill

Weber Original Kettle Grills are the standard in backyard grilling. These grills don’t pack a bunch of extra bells and whistles, nor are they designed to make a statement in style. Rather, these grills are made to offer excellent grilling performance in a durable design that will last years to come. Just choose your size and get to grilling.

Original kettle 18”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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The Weber Original kettle 18 is a classic backyard grill with enough room to grill great food for your family and friends for under $100. This handy grill has a lot of features to make your grilling pleasant, without all the bells and whistles to drive up the cost. See if this grill has everything that you need with this Weber Original Kettle 18” Review.

  • Good cooking area and standing grill for a great price
  • One-Touch cleaning system makes emptying ash easy
  • Grate surface can withstand high temperatures for direct grilling
  • Precise temperature control dampers
  • Ashtray can be difficult to remove, leading to a mess
  • Ash tends to blow around
  • Need to use protection if putting on a table, and low if not on a table
  • Takes more charcoal than smaller versions, so if you only do a few burgers it can be wasteful

Original Kettle 18 Review

Are you looking for a sturdy backyard grill for under $100? The Weber Original Kettle 18 is the standard in backyard grilling. This grill is big enough to grill for your family and friends, but can be conveniently rolled into storage on your patio or in your shed.

It is easy to clean this Weber original kettle grill. A One-Touch cleaning system makes discarding charcoal, debris, and ash easy. Mess is swiped into the ash catcher, which can be easily emptied whenever you like.

The surface of the grate can withstand very high temperatures, so you can grill directly or indirectly. The grate is durable and easy to clean, and retains heat for consistent grilling and perfect grate marks every time.

Control the temperature of your grill to a precise degree without needing to remove the lid. Just close the dampers to cut oxygen flow and extinguish coals to the desired degree. Heat is retained well due to the porcelain-enameled lid and bowl. This grill will also withstand high temperatures for years of use without peeling or cracking.

A handy lid hook lets you hang the lid from the side of the grill while you are grilling, so that you don’t have to worry about somewhere to put the lid in smaller spaces. Durable wheels let you move your grill around easily.

Original kettle 22”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews
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The Weber Original Kettle 22 offers over 360 square inches of cooking space for under $100. You can cook for the whole neighborhood with this effective little kettle grill that stores away without notice but can cook over a dozen burgers at a time. Decide if this is the right grill for you with this Weber Original Kettle 22” review.

  • Offers a lot of cooking surface for a low price
  • One-Touch cleaning for easy ash disposal
  • Durable, easy to clean cooking grates can handle high temperatures
  • Porcelain enameled lid and body for heat conservation
  • Doesn’t take much charcoal for how much surface area there is
  • Lid handle will rust if left out in the rain too often
  • Legs feel somewhat less than sturdy

Original Kettle 22 Review

If you have some serious grilling to do, the 363 square inches of this Weber Original Kettle 22 charcoal grill can satisfy everyone at your party. You can fit a whopping 13 burgers at a time on this 22” cooking surface, and feel confident that they will cook evenly to a mouth watering doneness, full of delicious charcoal flavor.

Nobody wants to spend their time cleaning when the grilling is done. This Weber Original Kettle 22 makes cleanup as you go and afterwards easy, with a One-Touch cleaning system that makes disposing of ash and debris easy. Your coals will burn evenly with good discard of ash, and cleanup afterwards is easy since ash is cleaned throughout the cooking process.

The durable cooking grates are easy to clean too, and they retain heat during cooking so that your meat will be cooked evenly, with beautiful sear marks. The grates can withstand high temperatures so that you can take your choice between direct or indirect cooking.

Features like porcelain-enameled lid and body that offer superior durability and heat retention, as well as heat shielded handle, an angled lid hook, and durable wheels, all make this Weber Original kettle grill a joy to use, all for around $100.

Original Kettle Premium Grill

Weber’s premium grills offer a few more great features for a slightly increased price. For another $50, you get features like a hinged grate and enclosed ash catcher. Since you can expect to be grilling on your Weber Grill for years to come, such features may well be worth the extra cost for you.

Original kettle premium 22”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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Weber grills last a long time, so why not invest in a little more when choosing your backyard grill? The Original Kettle Premium 22 Charcoal grill offers a lot more for the additional cost, including a hinged grate and enclosed ash canister. Decide if the extra feature are worth the extra cost with this Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 review.

  • Hinged grate for easy access to coals for tending and adding
  • One-Touch cleaning and enclosed ash canister
  • Tool hook for grilling accessories
  • Grate withstands high temperatures for direct cooking
  • Built in lid thermometer isn’t very effective
  • Lid holder isn’t very effective and blocks access to the grill
  • Need pliers or heavy gloves to move lid to hanger when hot
  • Assembly instructions aren’t great, although assembly isn’t difficult

Original Kettle Premium 22 Review

For about $50 more than the Weber Original Kettle 22, the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 charcoal grill packs a few handy features that many people find worth the extra cost. The grate is hinged so that you can easily access the coals. Tending your goals without disturbing your meat can be a huge advantage, especially if you would like to cook meat at different temperatures during the cooking process.

If you hate having ash fly around in a breeze while you are grilling, you will appreciate the enclosed ash catcher of the premium model. The One-Touch cleaning system is still present, but instead of dumping ash into a shallow bowl, ash is deposited into a deep bowl that can hold a lot of ash and is easy to empty.

A tool hook for your grilling accessories is included, as is a lid hook so you won’t put your lid on the ground. A heat shield on the lid keeps the handle comfortably cool.

Original kettle premium 26”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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This is a grill for anyone who wants to grill for everyone they know. A whopping 508 square inches of cooking space has you covered whether you want to smoke or grill succulent meat, or if you want to cook all of your sides along with the main course, right on the grill. Consider the advantages over the Weber Original with this Weber Original Kettle Premium 26 grill review.

  • Enough space for up to 19 hamburgers
  • Tight seal so good for smoking as well as grilling
  • Eight inch rubber wheels
  • One-Touch cleaning with enclosed ash tray
  • $50 more than Original Kettle grill of same size
  • You’ll waste charcoal on this giant grill if you’re not cooking a lot of food
  • The lid is heavy and can be hard to handle
  • Ash catcher can be difficult to screw back on after emptying

Original kettle premium 26 Review

If you want to grill not just your meat, but all of your side dishes as well, for not just your family, but the whole neighborhood, this might be the grill for you. A tremendous 508 square inches of cooking space is enough for up to 19 hamburgers, so you can feed everyone at your party with ease.

The large size and tight seal of this Weber grill make it a great choice for smoking or grilling. You can achieve fall off the bone BBQ or blacken a cut of meat, or use one of Weber’s many accessories to cook rotisserie or pizza. The choice is yours.

Eight inch rubber wheels are durable enough to carry this big grill around for years to come. You can hang all of your grilling tools conveniently on the built in organizing hooks. The grate is hinged so that you can easily add charcoal as you cook, an important feature when you are cooking this much food.

The lid can be conveniently placed over to the side of the grill so it can be kept out of the way and off of the ground while you are cooking. Superior heat retention is established in this large grill using porcelain enameling, which will also resist rust, peeling, and cracking.

A heat shield keeps the handle from receiving the brunt of the heat from the grill, so the handle won’t get too hot for you to use while you are cooking, even over long periods.

It is easy to clean this Weber 26 original premium kettle grill, using the One-Touch cleaning system that empties ash and debris into a large ash catcher with very high capacity. It is easy to empty this ash when necessary.

At between $300 and $350 depending on sales, this Weber grill isn’t cheap. Since you will be able to grill and smoke for the whole neighborhood, see if anyone will chip in for the price. You can feel confident that this grill will last, thanks to the 10 year warranty on the lid and bowl, and five year warranty on the cleaning system and plastic components.

Weber Performer Grills

If you want some work surface along with a great grill, the Weber Performer Grills are the line you should be looking at. From the Performer with its convenient fold out table that won’t take up too much room on your patio, to the Performer Premium models that come with a snazzy copper grill and substantial work surface, you can find a grill and work surface that are perfect for your needs.

Weber Performer 22”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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Those looking for a very stable grill and more extensive work surface, but don’t want to store a big grill, will be pleased with this convenient grill. A fold down work surface gives you room when you need it and saves space when you don’t, while the four legs and larger basket offer stability and storage. Decide if this grill is your perfect pick with this Weber Performer 22 review.

  • Fold out table gives you room to work without taking up too much space on your patio
  • Sturdy four leg design lets you wheel grill around even while food is cooking
  • Hooks provided for tools and lid
  • Enclosed ash canister with One-Touch cleaning system
  • At between $250 and $300, it costs a lot more for the same size grill than the Original Kettle
  • Difficult to lift up center of grate when hot
  • No good place to push from when you want to push grill around
  • Shelf feels a bit cheap, although it seems sturdy

Weber Performer 22 Review

If you want a stable work surface in your charcoal grill, this is the choice for you. This Weber Performer 22 inch grill gives you the best features to make grilling a breeze, while offering the same reliability and affordability that Weber is known for.

You will pay a little more for the extra features of the Performer, compared to the Weber Original Kettle 22 or Weber Original Kettle Premium 22, but many people find the additional features and stability worth the price of between $250 and $300.

The Weber Performer 22 has four legs and wheels, for easier mobility and greater stability. You don’t have to tilt this grill to move it, so you can roll it out of a sudden rainstorm or breeze with the food still cooking. A handy fold out table gives you plenty of work space but still collapses so that storage won’t take up too much room.

Hooks for your tools and lid are included to help you stay organized and keep the lid off of the ground. This grill is equipped with a One-Touch cleaning system that makes emptying ash from the grill as easy as pushing a button. Ash won’t blow out of the enclosed ash canister, and it is easy to empty. A hinged grate makes it easy for you to add charcoal or tend to the coals as needed.

Weber Performer Premium 22”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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Who said grills can’t be stylish? Here is a good looking grill that is packed with features to snazz up any backyard BBQ. The wide table provides plenty of room to get prep work done and keep sauces and tools on hand, while the grate underneath and watertight coal canister provide room for all your grilling supplies at hand. Decide if the increased cost is worth it to you with this Weber Performer Premium 22 review.

  • Beautiful design, and can choose a copper kettle for even more style
  • Included work table and plenty of storage
  • Four stable legs with wheels let you move your grill and work station with ease
  • Removable LCD cook timer
  • Watertight coal canister included
  • Expensive, at around $350 for a 22” grill
  • Manual isn’t great, although assembly isn’t difficult
  • Many users find that they wish they had the propane starter
  • Takes up a fair amount of space on your patio

Weber Performer Premium 22 Review

You don’t just want a grill, you want to make a statement. The Weber Performer Premium 22 in. charcoal grill has stylish looks and is packed with features to make your grilling experience a joy. This is a long, stable grill that includes the work surface with the grill, along with plenty of storage in the grate underneath, so that you can roll everything to your grilling location with ease.

The innovative grate has a circular insert that can be replaced with a poultry roaster, griddle, or pizza stone, expanding the possibilities for your grilling.

A mounted timer with a backlit LCD is removable, so that you can set it and take it with you or keep it with the grill as needed. Extra work space is provided in a sleek looking side table, so that all of your seasonings and platters will be within arm’s reach.

Your grilling tools can be conveniently hung on easy access hooks. A weather protected CharBin storage container keeps your coal handily under the grill, so that it will be there when you need it.

This grill is equipped with other great Weber features as well, like a One-Touch cleaning system that empties ash and debris into an enclosed ash catcher that is easy to empty, and a heat retaining porcelain enameled lid. The lid storage has been improved with the Performer Premium 22 in., offering a simple slide back support for it instead of the sometimes inconvenient lid hook.

Weber Performer Deluxe 22”

Weber Kettle Grill | Buying Guide | Reviews

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If you don’t mind paying a bit more for the best charcoal grill you can get your hands on, this might be the pick for you. This grill packs all the style and function of the Premium model, but also includes a propane start that makes using this grill as easy as possible. Decide if the gas start and other features are worth the $400 price tag to you with this Weber Performer Deluxe 22 charcoal grill review.

  • Beautiful design with plenty of work surface
  • Gas start makes it easy to get grilling
  • Watertight charcoal canister
  • Easy to roll, even with food cooking
  • Enclosed, easy to empty ash canister
  • Most expensive of Weber’s kettle grills
  • Smaller canister wheels aren’t great, should have used larger wheels on all four legs
  • Ash catcher can be difficult to put back on
  • Can be difficult to put grill grate on when hot

Weber Performer Deluxe 22 Review

Do you hate struggling with starting charcoal? If only you could have all of the flavor of a charcoal with the convenient starting of gas. The Weber Performer Deluxe 22 inch grill has an easy charcoal ignition system that uses a small amount of gas to let you ignite charcoal just by pushing a button.

In addition to this incredibly convenient start system, this grill has all of the great features of the Weber Performer Premium 22”. Heat is controlled precisely by opening and closing the dampers, and a sturdy heat shield protects the handle from getting too hot.

This wide table has plenty of room for you to get all of your preparation done, right at the grill. You can hang all of your accessories by the intuitively located hooks, and use the mounted timer to keep track of your cooking times at the grill and if you want to go inside.

This Weber kettle grill features the great lid placement bar that lets you simply slide the lid back and out of the way.

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