Thermopro TP07 vs TP20 | Reviews 2021

Whether you are a beginner griller or experienced, you know how important it is to get your meat to the ideal temperature. Undercooked meat will ruin a dinner, and overcooked meat will disappoint your friends. So you must either carefully observe and monitor your cooking. Or else, invest in a high-quality thermometer which can do this job for you.

Thermopro offers high-quality thermometers that can continuously monitor and alert you when your ideal temperature has been reached. Consider the Thermopro TP07 vs TP20 and decide whether you want a less-expensive model that can accurately read one meat temperature. Or a slightly more expensive model that can read two temperatures independently or ambient temperature.

Thermopro TP07 vs TP20 Comparison

Both of these thermometers offer effective and accurate measurement of your meat. But the Thermopro TP20 allows you to measure two meats at a time. Or your meat as well as the ambient temperature within your grill. The Thermopro TP07 offers an additional fun to use three color backlight. That is eliminated in the ThermoPro TP 20.

If you usually cook only one type of meat at a time and want to save some money, the ThermoPro TP07 can meet your needs effectively. If you want a more advanced thermometer that can measure multiple meats or ambient temperatures, pay a little extra for the Thermopro TP20.

Thermopro TP07 vs TP20 | Reviews 2020

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ThermoPro TP07 Review

The Thermopro TP-07 provides a range of 300 feet so that you can monitor your grilling meat from a distance. The transmitter and receiver are already synced. So it’s easy to use as soon as you insert the batteries. This thermometer can monitor the temperature of your meat for you and alert you when you reach your set temperature.

The 6.5 in long probe is attached to a stainless steel mesh cable that gives you 40 in of length. So that you can easily set up the transmitter on a table nearby. The accuracy is more or less 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature range is from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preset temperatures are programmed into this thermometer for your convenience. So that you can easily cook different meats to temperatures recommended by the USDA. Whether you want rare, medium, or done meats. If you know exactly what temperature you want to cook your meat at, then you can manually set this thermometer as well.

The smart LCD backlit screen of the receiver shows three colors depending on temperature. So that you can have an easy-to-understand color indication of temperature progression. An alarm function will alert you if you are not watching the screen. Set the receiver on its stand on a surface near you or attach it to you with a belt clip. Set temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  • 300 foot range
  • 40 inch stainless steel mesh cable allows you to set your transmitter safely away from the grill
  • Preset temperatures for different meats and doneness levels or manually set temperature
  • Only offers half the temperature measurement of the TP20 since it only has half the probes

Thermopro TP20

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ThermoPro TP20 Review

This Thermopro TP20 has two probes, instead of one. So that you can monitor the temperatures of multiple meats or the ambient temperature in your grill. The monitoring distance of 300 feet is the same as the previous model. Like the Thermopro TP07, this thermometer is ready to go right out of the box. As soon as you add batteries.

You can monitor two different types of meat, two different pieces of meat of the same type. But to different doneness levels, or measure the temperature of the cooking meat. As well as, the ambient temperature of the grill. Probes are 6.5 in each and each has a 40 in stainless steel mesh cable. But if you want to measure ambient temperature, you will need a probe clip. So that the probe can be held in position without touching anything else.

Easily switch between temperatures with the mode button. An alarm function will let you know whenever either probe reaches the target temperature. A large LCD display screen lets you see everything clearly with a backlit button for low light conditions.

  • Two probes offer versatility to measure different meats or ambient temperature
  • Monitoring distance of 300 feet
  • Alarm function for desired temperature being reached for either probe
  • More expensive than one probe model
  • Must purchase additional clip for measuring ambient temperature

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