Many types of grills are available in the market for cooking. Two of these types are charcoal and gas. The debate about which type of grill should be used has many dimensions.

The gas grill is recommended if you are concerned about health issues as a criterion for choosing the grill. In the case of charcoal grills, the production of carcinogenic substances is high.

Another important concern is environmental issues. Environment friendly people are continuously concerned about which method of cooking is good for the environment.

Traditionally, food that is made on Charcoal is considered to be more rich in taste as compared to food that is cooked on gas. But the truth is that if you can control the temperature of the gas more and less the taste will be the same.

No doubt more Precision and expertise are required to Grab the taste of the same quality from the gas. In terms of the functionality the gas is better but in turn the the taste the charcoal has an advantage and and clear advantage on the gas grill.