Top Rated Digital Hygrometer Reviews

Choosing a hygrometer

When choosing a hygrometer, choose whether you want to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Most thermometers allow you to adjust Fahrenheit or Celsius preference, but some come with a preset so make sure you take this into consideration.

You can also choose a digital hygrometer that can provide more capacity than just reading humidity. Some hygrometers provide clocks or even an alarm clock so you can reduce the devices that you need to have on hand.

If you are measuring humidity for a humidor or in a case for musical instruments or other precise equipment requiring exact humidity, you may need to choose a hygrometer that is made for reading in these specific environments. While many general hygrometers are good for reading within a musical instrument case or room, a humidor, a greenhouse, or any other environment, some hygrometers are designed specifically for one of these purposes or for ballpark household use.

Hygrometers vary in error from between 1% and 10%, so choose a hygrometer with very good accuracy if you know you need precise readings. If, however, you are just looking for an affordable general hygrometer to measure the humidity in your home, you can choose a more affordable model with a larger margin of error.

Some hygrometers provide a record of data that is accumulated from intervals that you can set, while others provide constant monitoring. More affordable hygrometers will allow you to check manually as needed. While you may be able to continuously adjust humidity as needed by manually checking, if you are out of your home a lot or are very busy, or if you would like to be able to compare humidity and temperature levels throughout the years without manually keeping records of dad at yourself, a hygrometer that provides a long-term data record might be worth it to you.

Following is a comparison of the Top 10 best selling hygrometers on the market, so that you can make an educated decision when choosing a hygrometer to meet your needs.

10. La Crosse Technology 302-604B Review

La Crosse Technology 302-604B Review

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The La Crosse Technology 302-604 hygrometer and thermometer measures not only humidity but also temperature so that you can accurately check your room conditions. An easy-to-use comfort level icon registers optimal conditions between 40% and 60% humidity. If you want to be able to just glance at your device and see that humidity is good without having to think about the exact level, this easy-to-understand icon is great for you. The simple little icon is also good for kids who want to learn how to measure humidity.

This convenient little device is only 4in by 4in and is available in a variety of colors. This tiny design means that you can subtly put this device anywhere you need it, or take it with you wherever you go to monitor humidity and temperature in the space that you are in.

One inch tall temperature digits make it easy to see the temperature. In addition to the easy-to-understand humidity icon, the exact percentage of the humidity is also clearly displayed, as well as the time. If you want one device for your bed stand or other place where you do not have room for a clock and hygrometer, having the time included is very convenient.

The station is battery operated so you can put it where you need it. This La Crosse hygrometer can be set for 12 or 24 hour recording sessions that record both the minimum and the maximum temperature as well as humidity values.

This affordable little hygrometer is not as accurate as some of the more expensive models, and it can only be used as a table top model since it is not magnetic. This simple hygrometer will not provide measurements over time, so if you want a long-term record you will need to manually record it. In order to be affordable, the design of this device is not as rugged as you may like for a portable device.


  • Toggle between temperature and humidity display
  • Records minimum and maximum values
  • Easy to understand comfort level icon
  • Small, sleek design can be hung or use the included table stand
  • Tiny 4-inch by 4-inch frame available in different colors


  • Not as accurate as some hygrometers
  • Not magnetic
  • No way to continuously record temperature and humidity for records
  • Breaks very easily from small falls
  • Battery does not last long

9. La Crosse Technology 302-604S Review

La Crosse Technology 302-604S Review

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This stylish little hygrometer by La Crosse measures both temperature and humidity so you can control your climate perfectly. The stylish small casing with an elegant floral design will look good in any space and at under $30, you can buy one of these for every room in your house. While many hygrometers have a tendency to look overly modern or technical, this little La Crosse 302-604S model looks cute in any space.

An easy to read happy face icon indicates whether the humidity is between 40% and 60% or outside of this ideal level. Temperature is clearly displayed in 1 in font, while the humidity is indicated below this. This device also indicate the time for your convenience. If you would rather have the humidity as the larger font, you can toggle between humidity and temperature digits. This hygrometer comes with 12 or 24 hour manual time measurement settings.

While it is nice that you can toggle between humidity and temperature as a larger digit, it would be nice to be able to see both readings in large clear font without having to switch between them. It may have been better to not indicate the time or use the easy to understand happy face icon, so that the humidity and temperature could have been both clearly displayed.

This hygrometer will not continuously monitor, so you will need to write down measurements if you want a record over time. The batteries on this device tend to run out quickly and the screen is hard to read from an angle.

  • Sleek stylish design
  • Toggle between temperature and humidity as largest display
  • Easy to understand Comfort level icon
  • Indicates time
  • 12 or 24 hour manual time measurement settings


  • Cannot display both temperature and humidity large and easily readable
  • Some users may consider space on display wasted with time display and icon
  • Does not continuously record humidity and temperature in a way that can be recorded for your records
  • Batteries run out quickly
  • Off by about 2% for humidity
  • Hard to read at an angle

8. Caliber III Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer Review

Caliber III Digital Hygrometer Review

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This compact little hygrometer by Caliber never requires calibration, unlike competing hygrometers. The display is large and easy to read and only takes up space for temperature and humidity readings. If you want a hygrometer that doesn’t waste space with the time, icons, or other miscellaneous data, this may be a good straightforward model for you. Especially if you have difficulty reading small text, this device makes it easy for you by providing easy to read large lettering.

This Caliber 3 hygrometer is accurate to 1% at measuring humidity and to one degree at measuring temperature. It features a magnetic mount so that it can be easily attached to your refrigerator or other metal surface, or simply set on a surface if you would rather.

If you are looking for a single device for your room, this may not be as good of an option for you since it does not display time or provide for an alarm feature. Furthermore, this bulky old fashioned looking design only offers a magnetic mount, no hanging features, so you are limited to metal surfaces or resting it on a table top. This device is not as accurate as some other hygrometers and the battery does not last long.


  • Straightforward easy to read design
  • Never requires calibration
  • Does not waste space with time or icons on display
  • Accurate to 1% at measuring humidity and 1 degree at measuring temperature
  • Magnetic mount


  • Only displays current temperature and humidity, no range displayed and no time indicator
  • Only magnetic mount, no hanging features
  • Bulky, old fashioned alarm clock-looking design
  • Not as accurate as other hygrometers
  • Battery does not last long

7. Habor Digital Indoor Humidity Monitor Review

Habor Digital Indoor Humidity Monitor Review

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For an affordable, easy to read hygrometer for under $15 look no further than this straightforward device by Habor. This thin little device comes in black or white and has various mounting options so that you can customize it to the best use for your room. Use the magnet attachment, wall hanging attachment or table stand to put this handy little device just where you need it.

You can get one for your general living areas, greenhouse, nursery, and musical instrument room. The display of this hygrometer is easy to use, with large straightforward lettering for temperature and humidity, and an icon to indicate whether humidity is in the appropriate range.

This Habor Humidity Monitor is highly reliable and accurate, providing fast responses that measure every 10 seconds. The thermometer measures a range of temperature from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The hygrometer can measure from 20% humidity to 95% humidity.

This hygrometer does not provide a record of temperature or humidity over time, so if you want a long-term record you will need to manually record it. This is a simple hygrometer with no bells and whistles, so if you want other functions like seeing the time or an alarm, this may not be the right device for you. This affordable hygrometer has a slightly cheap feel, and the battery will not last long. Since the battery is non-conventional, it may be difficult to replace.


  • Sleek, thin device
  • Easy-to-read large font for temperature and humidity
  • Various mounting options including magnetic, wall hanging, and table stand
  • Affordable enough to use in all of your spaces, from greenhouse to nursery
  • Good for use with musical instruments
  • Fun happy face indicator for humidity


  • Does not provide a record of humidity and temperature over time
  • Does not provide time or any other functions besides temperature and humidity
  • Often does not read accurately
  • Has a cheap plastic feel
  • Takes a long time to change readings
  • Battery only lasts about 6 months
  • Non-conventional battery

6. La Crosse Technology WT-137U Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer with Comfort MeterReview

La Crosse Technology WT-137U Review

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If you are looking for a hygrometer so easy to read that even your kids will be able to, for an affordable price under $15, this fun little device by Lacrosse WT-137U may be right for you. The good-looking framed design of this device can look good in any setting, and the large font and scale between dry and wet make reading this thermometer and hygrometer fun and easy.

You can choose whether to display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The comfort level bar dial considers humidity below 34% to be dry, from dry to comfortable to be 35% to 40%, comfortable to ideal to be 41% to 55%, and comfortable to wet to be 56% to 64%. Anything about 55% humidity is considered wet.

You can customize minimum and maximum values for humidity and temperature. This device comes with a low battery indicator for your convenience, so that you will know when you need to replace the AAA battery.

This device does not record humidity and temperature over time, so if you want a long-term record you will have to record it manually. While you can mount or use this device on a table top, there is no magnet so you cannot attach it to a fridge or other metal surface. While the numbers displayed on the screen are large, the layout makes them feel jammed together.


  • So easy to read even your kids can help
  • Good-looking frame
  • Large, easy-to-read font for both temperature and humidity
  • Fun scale for humidity from dry too comfortable to wet
  • Customize minimum and maximum values
  • Set on table top or hang


  • Does not record humidity and temperature over time
  • No magnet
  • Numbers on display feel jammed together
  • Battery can easily fall out
  • Not as accurate at reading temperature as other thermometers

5. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer for iPhone / Android Review

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer for iPhone android review

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For constant monitoring of the humidity and temperature of your home from your iPhone or Android smartphone device, consider this futuristic device by SensorPush. These smart sensors are compact and easy to use.

The mobile app is painstakingly designed so that it is easy to use but do not need to be used often in order to get the kind of information you need when you need it. In just a few moments, install the free app and pair your sensor. The app provides beautiful graphs so that you can visually monitor data and can import data into programs like Microsoft Excel.

This complete record of minute-by-minute updates can tell you more than you ever knew you could know about the humidity and temperature of your home. If you would rather not continuously monitor, you can set up the sensor to alert you to any issues. One mobile device can monitor an unlimited number of the sensors, so you can put one in every room of your home if you would like. You can also use as many mobile devices as you like to monitor sensors, so everyone in your family can participate.

This is an expensive monitoring system, so be sure that you need this level of temperature and humidity control before you make the investment. Some users find that this hygrometer does not alert like it says it will, and that it does not does not monitor as well in areas with extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Some people find that the app does not work well for them, and that the system requires external calibration to measure accurately.


  • Connect to iPhone or Android
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use app
  • Each sensor has powerful range
  • Swiss made sensing component is extremely accurate and reliable
  • Alerts you if there is any problem no matter where you are
  • Connect unlimited sensors to one monitoring device
  • Continuously records and provides records overtime
  • Import data on temperature and humidity into programs like Excel


  • Expensive investment for monitoring temperature and humidity, especially if you intend to buy more sensors
  • Does not always alert you like it says it will
  • Does not monitor well in areas with extreme fluctuations
  • App does not work well for some people
  • Requires external calibration for accurate measurement
  • Stops syncing with phone unexpectedly

4. Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Hygrometer Review

Ambient Weather WS-10 Review

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For a complete monitoring system that can accurately monitor the humidity and temperature throughout your home indoors and out, consider this complete system from Ambient Weather. For under $60, you can get three sensors to monitor three areas of your home, as well as an easy-to-understand display that continuously informs you of temperature and humidity for each of the sensors. This console includes both audible and visible alarms to alert you when temperature or humidity exceed your customized preset minimum and maximum.

The console displays temperature, humidity, minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity all in one easy-to-read panel. Current temperature and humidity for each space are larger and easiest to read even from a distance, so you can be aware of the humidity and temperature for all of your spaces at a glance.

Using the scroll mode, you can view continuously without pressing any buttons. All indoor and outdoor sensors will be displayed at 5 second intervals so that you can see everything at a glance without having to interact with the monitor.

This console also comes with an optional temperature and humidity calibration feature for perfect accuracy. If you decide in the future that you would like to expand your thermometer and hygrometer sensors, this system can support up to five additional sensors besides the three it comes with.

Some users find that this unit will not last for more than a year. The screen goes dark and is unreadable and sensors do not hold up well to bad weather. Some units will jump several degrees even after calibration. The sensors of this unit do not have a long transmission range, so if you have areas far from one another that you want to continuously monitor, this unit may not be best for you.


  • Complete home monitoring indoors and out
  • Easy-to-understand display
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • Console displays temperature and humidity as well as minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity
  • Scroll mode continuously displays all sensors at 5 second intervals
  • Optional temperature and humidity calibration feature
  • Support up to five additional sensors
  • Does not rely on apps


  • Screen may start going out after only a year
  • Jumps two degrees even after calibration
  • Hygrometer does not always read humidity accurately
  • Sensors do not have long transmission range
  • Sensors do not hold up to bad weather

3. Elroal Humidity Monitor Review – Digital Indoor Hygrometer

Elroal Humidity Monitor Review

amazon buy buttonThis multifunctional device can tell you temperature, humidity, and time, as well as being your alarm clock, all for under $10. The large display can tell temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and also continuously let you know the humidity and the time.

A high-quality sensor within the hygrometer records data every 10 seconds to accurately and quickly measure the temperature and humidity in the room. The monitor is a large LCD screen and lets you read all the information you need even from a distance. The stylish design of this device will look good in any room and is lightweight for effortless transport. Several types of convenient fasteners allow you to install this device into any space easily.

Instructions for this Elroal humidity monitor are not clear, so you may be left wondering how you are supposed to use the alarm clock or adjust hygrometer or thermometer settings. The humidity gauge on this device is not as good as the temperature gauge, and is not as good as some competing hygrometers. This unit has a cheap feel in your hand, due to its affordable price, and is not backlit so it cannot be read in the dark.


  • Multifunctional, able to tell you temperature, humidity, time, and has an alarm clock
  • Affordable price at under $10
  • Large, clear LCD monitor for easy reading
  • High quality sensor records data every 10 seconds
  • Multiple convenient fastening options


  • Instructions are not clear
  • Humidity gauge is not as good as temperature
  • Feels cheaply-made
  • Not backlit so can’t see in dark

2. ThermoPro TP50 Review

ThermoPro TP50 Review

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This easy to read hygrometer by Thermopro provides lots of data in an easy-to-read design. A smiley face indicator quickly tells you whether the humidity is within your comfort range, while constant high and low records are on display as well as current temperature and humidity.

The thermometer can display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. This convenient device can be used as a wireless tabletop device or mounted with the magnet design. This ThermoPro TP50 hygrometer is powered by a AAA battery that comes included. A one-year warranty and an extended three-year warranty with registration can make you feel confident about this purchase decision.. Thermopro provides the best in customer service so that you can ensure that your device is always working properly.

This hygrometer is not as accurate as some more expensive hygrometers, and especially does not read well in very high humidity areas. Over time there is a high likelihood that the adhesive that holds the magnet to this device will fail, causing the device to fall off your fridge or other metal surface and very likely break. This hygrometer does not provide other mounting options other than the potentially weak magnet, so unless you intend to use it as a tabletop device you will have to risk using the magnet.


  • Easy to read
  • High and low record constantly on display
  • Displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Tabletop or mounted with magnet
  • 1 year warranty and extended 3 year warranty with registration
  • Great reputation for customer service


  • Not as accurate as more expensive hygrometers
  • Does not read well in high-humidity areas
  • Adhesive holding magnet might fail

1. AcuRite 01130M Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer Review

AcuRite 01130M Review

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This easy-to-use and affordable little device by AcuRite comes in three fun colors to customize your design for under $20. The thermometer in this device can measure in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the display provides a lot of information at one glance. Current temperature and humidity are in large easy-to-read font, as is the reading of humidity which says ideal and also indicates the trend of humidity with easy to understand arrows.

Daily high and low temperature and humidity records are constantly displayed in smaller font next to the current readings. This device can stand freely on a desk or table, stick to a magnetic surface, or be mounted.

This AcuRite 01130M can be slow to adjust to new temperatures or humidity, and does not read as accurately as more expensive hygrometers. The company does not provide the best customer service and the unit has a tendency to die after only 6 months of use.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes in three fun colors
  • Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Current temperature and humidity in large, Easy-to-Read font
  • Trend of humidity indicated with arrows
  • Clear reading says ideal for good humidity
  • Daily high and low temperature and humidity constantly displayed in smaller font
  • Stand freely on Surface, stick to Magnetic surface, or mount


  • Slow to adjust to new temperature or humidity
  • Does not read as accurately for humidity as other hygrometers
  • Customer Service could be better
  • Dies after only 6 months of use

Why Have a hygrometer?

Hygrometers measure the humidity in your air. Most hygrometers are designed for inside use, since generally it is only inside that the humidity level needs to be measured. The majority of hygrometers also have a thermometer, since temperature and humidity are so often connected.

Low humidity can cause all kinds of problems like dry skin, chapped lips, and constant static cling. You may find yourself with chapped and irritated nose and throat, and dry hair as well. Especially in Northern climates where central heat or a fireplace is run in the winter, low humidity can become a real issue. People have linked all kinds of problems to an environment of low humidity, especially when that low humidity is maintained over a long period. You may develop chronic issues of the lungs or other serious problems due to chronic low humidity.

High humidity can cause mold or mildew to grow in your home, and can intensify allergic reactions. Mold and mildew can tend to make you sick more often, and could even be very dangerous depending on the type of mold or mildew and air circulation available. Allergies to mold and mildew tend to be some of the most intense and most difficult to eradicate.

Very high humidity can even result in structural damage to your home due to extensive rot and insect infestations. It can be extremely difficult to reverse structural rot once it begins, and once insects have a stronghold in your home, even correcting the humidity may not resolve the problem.

Even setting aside the extremes of health problems and structural damage caused by less than ideal humidity, we want to feel comfortable in our homes, and a home with too high or too low of humidity will not feel like a comfortable place to live.

A home with too high of humidity makes you feel damp all the time. You will notice that upholstery, bed sheets, and even curtains develop an odor and never seem to become quite dry, no matter how much you run fans or wash them. You will find yourself less productive and less happy in your home, and will not sleep as well due to these inherently uncomfortable conditions.

A hygrometer measures various areas of your home so that you can develop an ideal humidity level for each room in your house, while decreasing energy consumption and increasing year-round comfort. Some hygrometers provide measurements that you must manually read, While others create records that can be reference overtime so that you can come to understand and expect humidity and temperature trends in your environment.

If you need a specific humidity because of the medical needs of someone in your family or a pet or greenhouse that requires specific humidity it is especially important to choose a high-quality hygrometer that will accurately measure humidity at all times.

AcuRite 00589 Pro Color Weather Station Review

If you often find that the weather is very important to you when you plan your outdoor activities, and you are sick of relying on news from The Weather Channel or other sources that are often inaccurate about your particular area, you may find yourself wondering whether you can get an at-home weather reporting device. Especially if your area is prone to localized storms, like summer thunderstorms, a localized weather reporting device like the AcuRite 00589 can tell you exactly what the weather is like in your particular area.

While the forecast may tell you what the likelihood of rain is from a particular percentage to another particular percentage, this data really doesn’t mean very much to your particular area. A localized weather station like the AcuRite 00589 can tell you exactly what the weather is doing moment-to-moment in your precise location.

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Weather Data Pulled from Your Own Backyard with the AcuRite 00589

The AcuRite 00589 weather station can give you all the weather information you need right in your own backyard. While many self-proclaimed weather stations actually draw data from other sources, so data will not be specifically located to your area, the AcuRite actually draws its data directly from the sensor in your own backyard so all data will be perfectly accurate to your precise situation.

Furthermore, you can monitor changes and trends in weather in your area over time, to get customized long term predictions and data for your area. The patented self-calibrating forecasting technology provides accurate weather forecast, while the easy-to-read illuminated color display makes reading the forecast fun and easy. The sensor for this weather station is rugged enough to last through many storms.

Easy to Set Up

The AcuRite is a wireless weather station that requires no cable or wire connection from sensor to display. The sensor also doesn’t require any professional mounting and since it does not need to be connected to the station, mounting is quick and easy. You will need to connect the screen to an adapter for power so that you can read the data coming from your sensor.

The maximum transmission is 330 ft, and if there are any obstructions between the sensor and the display the signal may be obstructed, so be very careful to put the display as close to the sensor as possible when you are installing this unit, and be careful not to allow for any obstructions between the sensor and the display.

The sensor runs on 4 AA batteries and the display can run on a AC adapter and uses 6 AA batteries for optional backup power. The sensor is rugged to temperatures below -20° C. This unit utilizes three sensors: a thermometer, anemometer, and hygrometer. This unit can offer a 12 to 24 hour weather forecast that is accurate to your location.

This sensor can be used to determine indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity, the current peak and average wind speeds, and barometric pressure. There is a chart that has variables to tell you temperature, wind speed, and barometric pressure so you can easily compare. This device will record high and low data for daily, monthly, and the entire life of the unit. Other data given by this unit include the date, time, heat index, wind chill, and dew point.

Extensive Measurement

The wind speed updates every 18 seconds, while the temperature and relative humidity update every 60 seconds. This frequency of updating can make you feel confident that you are getting the most updated reading every time. The temperature is accurate to 2%, while the humidity is accurate to 3 to 5% and the forecast is accurate to 70% to 75%. This device can detect indoor temperatures from 0 ° C to 50° C and outdoor temperatures from -40 ° Cto 70 ° C. For humidity, the range indoors or outdoors is from 1% to 99%.

The AcuRite 00589 is an affordable weather station that comes with a limited 1 year warranty and 90 day return policy.

Acurite 00589 weather station review

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  • Affordable for under $100
  • Easy to use color interface
  • Weatherproof
  • Requires no cable or wire connection from sensor to display
  • Easy to mount
  • Transmits up to 330 ft
  • Easy-to-use history chart lets you monitor over time
  • Monitor heat index, dew point, and wind chill


  • Only three sensors so best suited for home use
  • Because the station is wireless, signal may sometimes be lost
  • No sensor for wind direction or rainfall
  • Transmission can be lost due to obstructions between sensor and display
  • Does not make it easy to change batteries
  • Reads high temperatures too high

AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor Review

If you have been seeing mold on your furniture or walls or feel like you are swimming when you sit on your couch, you may have decided that the humidity level in your house may be too high and want to measure it. Perhaps you are just trying to get a better idea of the environment you live in. Humidity is an important part of our climate which can affect many aspects of our life. To take control of the humidity in your house you need an AcuRite 00613 humidity monitor that is easy to use and accurate.

AcuRite 00613 Review

Acurite 00613 review

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If you want an accurate humidity gauge that won’t break the bank, the AcuRite 00613 may be the perfect tool for you. This little monitor is actually a combination of humidity gauge and thermometer. The display shows the humidity level with an icon to indicate if humidity is low, good or too high. You can also see the current indoor temperature on this display, as well as the daily low and high temperature. The thermometer can be used in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Convenient to Use

This AcuRite monitor comes with a convenient magnet on the back so it can be stuck to a fridge or any other metal surface for easy storage within convenient reach. A pop-out stand makes it easy to read while sitting on the table. This monitor is powered by one AA battery which should last from 8 to 9 months. The accuracy of the thermometer is within 5%. It is more accurate at 20% to 80% humidity.

This thermometer can offer you daily insight into your home, so put it somewhere convenient or even get a couple to monitor humidity and temperature in various parts of your home. While the humidity and temperature may be perfect in your living room, you will want a monitor also in your nursery to be sure that your baby is also enjoying the perfect temperature and humidity. With this small size and convenient magnet back, the AcuRite can fit anywhere you need to monitor.

At this incredibly affordable price at under $30 or even down to under $10 on sale, you can get one of these useful little devices for every room in your house. These monitors are even small enough to fit in your pocket and go with you wherever you go so you can always know the humidity and temperature in your environment wherever you are. This can be a great way to find out if your allergies or any other symptoms are associated with temperature or humidity in any way.


  • Combined humidity gauge and thermometer
  • Convenient magnet on back to stick to fridge or other metal surface
  • Easy to use display provides an icon to show you when humidity is too low, perfect, or too high
  • Pop out stand for using on table
  • Small and affordable enough to have one for multiple rooms of your home


  • AA battery will need to be replaced in 8 to 9 months
  • No backlight so hard to read in dim areas
  • Sometimes inaccurate to more than 4 degrees difference
  • Humidity gauge sometimes gives crazy readings

Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Review

Whether you want to gauge the temperature of your car’s engine or the roast that just came out of the oven, an infrared thermometer is the tool for you. This is one of those rare tools which, once you buy it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. An infrared thermometer can gauge the temperature of nearly anything just by pointing at it. An affordable thermometer like the Etekcity Lasergrip 630 can become an invaluable tool that will make your life easier.

Etekcity Lasergrip 630

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Things to Consider When Choosing an Infrared Thermometer

When deciding on which infrared thermometer is right for you, there are several important considerations. Infrared thermometers use a laser that is built in to determine the temperature of objects without requiring you to make physical contact with the object.

A good versatile thermometer like the Lasergrip can help you to measure food so that you are sure it is ready to eat, regularly monitor household appliances to insure that they are functioning correctly and not over-consuming energy, and even get temperatures from upstairs windows so that you can see how much UV blocking you need in your window treatments.

Consider the temperature range that you will be measuring, and whether you will need to gauge the temperature deep within the object that you are measuring or whether a surface temperature is sufficient.
You can also consider whether you need features like laser sighting, data logging, data holding, or an alarm that will tell you if you are at the high or low and of the temperatures.


Ask yourself what distance you will be from the object that you are going to test. One of the tremendous advantages of a handheld digital thermometer is that you will not need to touch the object you are measuring or even be close to it. The Etekcity Lasergrip 630 is accurate up to 30 feet so you can measure at a considerable distance accurately.


There are also options to consider in how your thermometer will allow you to interact with it and display information. If you are going to be using your thermometer in the field, you want to feel sure that the display will be effective in all conditions.

The Lasergrip has a clear and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen that is clearly visible in any weather or lighting conditions.


A good thermometer will offer you a high and low temperature alert that is customizable based on what you are measuring so that you can quickly know whether a given item is within your specified range.

You should also be able to adjust emissivity so that you can measure whatever kind of material you need to.

You can choose between a convergence laser which will converge at a single point from about 1in wide or a coaxial 3 dot laser which will allow you to see both the center and edge of the area being measured no matter how far the thermometer is from the target.

The dual laser guidance of the Etekcity Lasergrip 630 offers a spot ratio of 16:1, so while it relies on a convergence laser the dual design allows for increased accuracy. While accurate, this reading is not as accurate as a coaxial laser.

The temperature for the Lasergrip is adjustable from -58 degrees Fahrenheit to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit and the emissivity s adjustable from .10 to .95.

Emissivity Value

Emissivity can greatly affect the readings of a digital thermometer. Reflective materials like polished metal will have a lower emissivity value than less reflective items like wood or matte plastics.

The Lasergrip offers adjustable emissivity from . 10 to 0.95 so you can accurately measure temperature whether the surface is clay, wood, brass, marble or other surfaces.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to have to figure out complicated equipment on the field to get an accurate temperature reading. The Etekcity 630 allows you to effortlessly aim and measure and get the results that you require almost instantly.

This Lasergrip is so convenient you can use it virtually anywhere. It is a great tool for cooking that will impress all of your friends, and can also be a wonderful thing to keep in your car to measure your engine if necessary. This Lasergrip 630 is versatile and simple to use.

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  • Dual laser design of this thermometer takes out the guessing about the size of the surface area that you are measuring
  • 16 to 1 distance to spot ratio gives you complete control measurement area
  • Laser pointers provide a visual guide to make your measurements easier
  • Determines the average temperature and the space between both the points


  • Manufacturers manual is not available online or easily accessible except by private individuals posting
  • Sometimes gives extreme readings that are clearly incorrect before going back to reading normally
  • Trigger sometimes sticks
  • Uses up battery quickly
  • Generally reads from 4 to 5 degrees different from the real temperature, so not good for extremely accurate readings

ThermoPro TP60 vs TP65

With so many allergens inside our home and workplace it only makes sense for us to monitor the quality of the air to ensure that what we are breathing is as healthy as possible. Poor air quality and improper humidity levels here can lead to mold, fungi, bacteria and mites as well as allergen, skin and breathing disorders.

ThermoPro TP60

ThermoPro TP60

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One of the best ways to detect these is with an indoor outdoor humidity monitor. ThermoPro, a trusted name in temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, has two such models, the TP60 and the TP65. Here we’ll compare the ThermoPro TP60 vs TP65 model to see which one best fits your needs.

The TP60 and TP65 are wireless thermometers and humidity monitors that are comprised of two separate units, a remote sensor or transmitter and a base unit or receiver.

The remote sensor has a built in hydrometer to measure humidity levels allowing you to easily monitor another part of your home such as a bedroom on another floor or a child or infant’s room.

They are also invaluable for detecting excess humidity levels in basements where mold can breed undetected. Another common place they can be mounted is outside in a garage or a greenhouse or even attached to the side of your home.

After the two units are initially synchronized they will alert you of any changes in outside temperature and humidity conditions that could be concerning.

The waterproof design of the remote sensor allows it to be exposed to inclement weather conditions as long as it is not submerged. But despite this claim it is not advisable for them to be placed in direct sunlight as this will falsely heat up the sensor and likely result in giving you inaccurate readings.

ThermoPro TP65

ThermoPro TP65

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The ThermoPro TP60 and TP65 are quite similar in design to one another and carry many of the same features. They both have a large, easy to read digital screen and a range of up to 200 feet.

The exact distance that the transmitter can make connection with the receiver will actually vary from home to home and will ultimately be determined by any interferences that might impede signal. These can include stone walls or sold fences, bushes and trees or other structures.

Both the TP60 and the TP65 carry an indoor temperature range of -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit or -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. The outdoor temperature range runs from -58 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit or -50 to 70 degrees Celsius.

The hydrometer or humidity range extends from 10 to 99 percent. They each also have all time/ 24 hour readings of both high and low temperatures and humidity levels for those who wish to chart their results.

ThermoPro TP60 vs TP65

But despite all of their similarities there are a few differences that you should make note of. For example, both the TP60 and TP65 have temperature arrows that notify you if the temperature around the remote sensor is getting colder or warmer but only the TP65 also comes with a humidity arrow that informs you of any changes in moisture.

The ThermoPro TP65 has all of its settings conveniently located on the front of the receiver while the control settings for the TP60 are on the back of the unit. If the TP60 receiver is mounted on a wall this design forces you to have to take the receiver down in order to change the settings. They each also have a pop out stand so they can stand up on any flat surface.

Another distinction is that the ThermoPro TP60 lacks a push button backlight for low light conditions, a valuable feature that is included on the TP65. This blue light accents the screen perfectly for easy viewing and automatically turns itself off after 15 seconds of nonuse in order to conserve battery life.

One of the biggest upgrades of the TP65 is that it has a touch screen which allows you to make adjustments and setting changes with ease. The digital display on the TP65 is also large enough to easily see information at a glance.

If you compare the screen size on both models you’ll see that they each have a large screen with the TP65 measuring 4 inches as opposed to the slightly smaller 3.1 inch screen of the TP60.

Both the TP60 and TP65 have the capability of being connected to and displaying up to 3 outdoor sensors, should it become necessary to monitor multiple areas at once. You are also able to reset the temperature and humidity readings on each model with a simple push of a button.

The last significant difference is the magnetic back of the TP65 which allows you to attach it to any metal surface, such as a fridge, for easy access.