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1924323_1553343878240084_3016948133243815391_nHello, my name is Steve. I am a single dad living in the heart of the beautiful city, Seattle, Washington. (Here‘s my Facebook page) For the past six years I have worked as chef at a five-star Italian restaurant.

There are a lot of tools of the trade that go along with being a chef, but my favorite has always been my infrared cooking thermometer. Over the course of my six years working as a chef, I’ve had the chance to use a good number of different models of infrared thermometers and have had the chance to thoroughly research many more.

While some of them are certainly better than others, as with any product, I honestly have yet to find one that I didn’t like. I have even gone as far as to try and patent my own model infrared thermometer, along with the help of my insanely intelligent brother who has a PhD in physics and a Masters in electrical engineering.

I’m still waiting to see the results of that patent, but in the meantime I am putting the knowledge I have gained about infrared thermometers to use by creating this website. Not only do I hope it will help readers like you find the best possible infrared thermometer, I am also hoping to someday use it as a springboard for my own model. It’s a win-win situation that makes creating this website a natural choice. With all that said, I am thankful you have chosen to visit my site and I wish you look in your search for the best infrared thermometer!